Revenge is a guilty pleasure


A part of me feels slightly guilty to admit this. Brace yourself!


Out of the batch of new Fall TV shows one of new ones I find myself really enjoying, as a sort of guilty pleasure, has been Revenge. I had no real intentions to start watching it. But as the new season rolled toward me, I figured I’d give everything a shot and then just cut the fat when I began to lose interest.

I’m four episodes into Revenge and I’ve not lost any interest whatsoever so far. It’s soapy and ridiculous. But not as soapy and ridiculous as Ringer. (Which I just haven’t gelled with at all despite all my best efforts.) There’s just something compelling about Revenge. The characters all have their own devious motives. Plenty of questions are being thrown out there with few answers. I just really like watching it.

Though after writing that little bit about how much I do enjoy it, I’m wondering if I should call it a guilty pleasure. It’s a solid new TV show with a lot going for it. The characters using Android driven mobile phones is also another reason for me to like it. Go Android!

Who doesn’t want to see a bunch of fictional Hampton socialites all slowly destroy themselves due to the actions of one driven young woman?