This weekend’s good egg

The Good Eggs

I forgot to post a good egg last weekend! I blame the come down after having come back from a brilliant holiday. And an epic TV backlog to catch up on.

Things are getting back to normal with a new recommendation for you this weekend.

Fogs’ Movie Reviews

Fogs' Movie Reviews

Fogs’ Movie Reviews is a movie review blog in a nutshell. Outside of the nutshell it’s a fun, community drive blog helmed by Fogs’. You’ve got your movie reviews, James Bond retrospectives, podcasts, guest blogs and a whole heap more.

I came across Fogs’ Movie Reviews when it was given a highly coveted spot on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed home page. Ever since then I’ve been going back over and over again. Fogs’ has done a great job of building a little community over there. Well, I say little, it’s got big really quickly and it’s still growing. No one’s views are belittled, there’s a healthy debate going on in almost all the comment threads in the posts. It’s just a lot of fun!

If you’re a film fan, you’re definitely going to be finding at least one thing that’ll grab your attention here.

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