This weekend’s good egg

I forgot to post a good egg last weekend! I blame the come down after having come back from a brilliant holiday. And an epic TV backlog to catch up on.

Things are getting back to normal with a new recommendation for you this weekend.

Fogs’ Movie Reviews

Fogs' Movie Reviews

Fogs’ Movie Reviews is a movie review blog in a nutshell. Outside of the nutshell it’s a fun, community drive blog helmed by Fogs’. You’ve got your movie reviews, James Bond retrospectives, podcasts, guest blogs and a whole heap more.

I came across Fogs’ Movie Reviews when it was given a highly coveted spot on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed home page. Ever since then I’ve been going back over and over again. Fogs’ has done a great job of building a little community over there. Well, I say little, it’s got big really quickly and it’s still growing. No one’s views are belittled, there’s a healthy debate going on in almost all the comment threads in the posts. It’s just a lot of fun!

If you’re a film fan, you’re definitely going to be finding at least one thing that’ll grab your attention here.

Take a look at some of the previous Good Eggs.

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    I saw your post on twitter and I hopped over. And I was like Whaaaaaat?

    Thats awesome. Thank you!! 😀

    And just when I have a post up about taking down my blogroll. LOL Ugh. But its true, I dont think I ever had you up in there either, so its just a good illustration. You’re a great part of my site now, and you weren’t in that stupid thing, so… it was just a problem, it had to go.

    Thank you so much for the shout out. But the feeling is totally mutual. Literally, your continued contribution over there was the best thing to come out of Freshly Pressed. Its great to get site hits and have a thread blow up and all of that, but give me one new friend who’s going to add to the discussion over that stuff anyday!!

    This made my day!

    • Well deserved 😀 You’ve done good over there and great to see more good! 😀

  • Absolutely! I found his blog by visiting yours! Great writing, fantastic movie choices and grand community interactions. Brilliant choice.

  • A great blog indeed! I visit daily and can’t enough of it. Dan (aka Fogs) is a really friendly and personable blogger and I only wish I had found that site earlier 😀

    • He is! It’s the personal touch that makes it a great site.

    • Dude… you were one of the first handful of people to find my site. LOL. Basically, in order for you to have found it sooner, I’d have had to have opened it sooner. 😀

  • Thanks for sharing, dropped by here by chance and might do so again.


    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

    • Hope you do Spider! Be sure to tell ’em Jaina sent you, I hear you get a discount!

      • Am I eligible for said discount!? I want!

        Only because… erm,… I want!

        • For you Jaina? Gratis. Free. Tell ’em I sent you and I said ITS ON THE HOUSE.



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