Have you seen my motivation? I seem to have mislaid it!

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I have lost all motivation I had a few months ago when it came to getting some exercise out of me. I was skipping a few times a week as well as doing some pilates at home and then going on 5 mile walks on the weekends. Now? Well, I did a lot of walking when I went to Wales. Hmm, no, I’m not even convincing myself.

I’ve had to stop skipping because of an injury. I can still walk. I’m trying to drum up the motivation to actually go jogging. I know it’s the best type of cardio you can do, but you know the feeling. Winter’s crept in, it’s cold and dark in the morning and evening. Neither do anything to help my motivation.

I have a feeling I’m going to write off any attempt to get back to some sort of exercise regime until after Christmas. That is sheer laziness. Well, least I know it’s me being lazy and I’m not lying to myself. That’s something good to take from this, right?


  1. It’s probably in cahoots with my own missing motivation! Yep, that’s me being of no help whatsoever 😉

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