Things that are making me happy today

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It was almost light on my way to work this morning. Also. It wasn’t quite all the way dark on my way home from work last night.

Conclusion? I really, really bloody hate winter. It’s nearly over!

(Also, looking at this photo makes me happy. It was taken just about a year ago.)


  1. I bloody hate winter too! It depresses me that it’s pitch dark when the alarm rings. The worst is over now I feel. Increased day length definitely makes me happy too.

    ps: Love your elephant image.

    • Ugh, tell me about it. Dark in the morning. Dark in the evening. Daylight hours are even smaller here in England because the weather’s usually so crappy too!

      Bring on the spring and summer!

      And thank you. I loved snapping those elephants 🙂

    • Boohoo 🙁 Still, March isn’t that far away. February’s all weird and short.

      When I say it’s a little bit daylight when I leave work I mean the sky’s that dark blueish colour, instead of completely black. I’m just being overly optimistic!

  2. February is a whole day longer this year though, boo to that!

    It’s because I finish at 7. It’s never any amount of daylight when I leave until after the clocks change 🙁

    • In theory in Feb’s a whole day longer, that’ll mean it’ll be earlier in March as to when you get to see daylight. Right, right?

  3. So far we’ve been spoiled w/ a pretty balmy Winter but it’s now back with a vengeance! Yesterday the high was only 3° F and wind chill factor minus 33°!!! Not much warmer today either, but Sunday will be around 30° F, now that’s gonna feel much better!

    Cute elephant btw 😀

    • Argh! That’s COLD! It’s been ridiculously mild here. Compared to last year anyway. I barely need a coat when I go out. Does not make any sense. I’m betting though we’ll end up getting some crazy winter weather in March!

  4. Ah yea, I absolutely hate winter and I live in Minnesota! I hate the cold, I hate that it gets dark in the middle of the afternoon, I hate the snow and the ice. Yea, I hate winter.

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