The Avengers? Erm, yes please!


If you asked me this time last year as to whether I was excited about The Avengers, my answer would have been a definitive shrug.

One year on and this…

… has somewhat changed my shrug into an all over geekgasm. I think it helped that last year’s Thor was pretty damn amazing. Fair enough, Captain America was a bit of a whimper – but look at this!

Fine, it still could possibly crumble beneath all the heavyweight actors and explosions. But I’m now at a point where I can happily ignore that and just look forward to the film.

14 thoughts on “The Avengers? Erm, yes please!

  1. OMG. You know, Robert Downey will make this film, if anything for his comical remarks! I love that guy. Looks like a fantastic film. I just may have to see this one!

    1. I was really worried that they wouldn’t be able to capture the characters as well in this huge, mega comic book film but it sounds like they have. “We have a Hulk” is just THE most Stark line ever.

  2. I don’t know. It looks good but these days, I’m wary of being excited about anything from Marvel. Their movies are becoming so generic and uncreative. Hopefully Whedon was able to put his stamp on it.

    1. I do tend to agree in that they’re becoming a little generic. If Whedon can put some of his style on it, it should help matters.

      I guess with Marvel these days they know what makes a good box office film, and want to stick with that template.

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