Snow on the weekend = fun

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Last Saturday evening I was struggling home after watching another brilliant couple of rollerderby bouts. (Which Ron Howard was at! Can you believe that?!) Why struggling? It began snowing! Not just a little, but quite a frigging lot. It didn’t stop overnight and then when I woke up on Sunday morning there was a massively thick covering. Well, more than we usually get here in England!

What did I want to do? Go outside, take photos and throw snowballs at Cody. I’m so mean. But she’d never seen snow before the weekend and a few snowballs sounded like a good introduction.

She kinda loved it. So did I. I’m not ashamed to admit it. She didn’t quite understand the concept of a snowball, but she didn’t need to.

Apart from me making fun of my little Cody, managed to drag myself away from playing with her and took some other snowy/wintery shots.

Clinging to the cold


Already thawing

Piled high

Feeling the weight

The cold doesn't stop me

Snow is comfy


Hmmm... something's coming

Getting a face full

(Had this not been a Sunday morning you’d probably find a rant-y/moan-y blog post instead of this winter fun one.)


  1. Those are beautiful photos!! Wow, are you a professional photog, Jaina? If not then you should consider becoming one. So I guess all the snow from my state Minnesota is going to Europe ahah, we’ve been relatively snow-free all Winter, though perhaps it might change next week.

    • I am very much am amateur hobbyist photographer. I love it. Still learning and there’s a heck of a lot to learn!

      I was hoping we’d have a snow-free winter but them WHAM, we’ve got hit with some freezing temperatures and looks like more snow is on the way today! The snow that came on Sunday still hasn’t melted where I am and it’s not snowed more since!

  2. Kevin Taphouse

    Those are pretty good photographs Jaina. I love the last one of your dog with the snow on it’s face, it has an “What’s this stuff” look. I have been looking at your photographs for a while and they are very good. Photography is a constant learning process, so there is always something new to learn. I try to push myself everytime I pick my camera up.

  3. Nice pics Jaina. Love the last one! I recently heard about the super cold wave under Europeans have been blanketed with. I guess that’s where winter went because it’s abnormally warm and snow-free here in Minnesota, as Ruth suggests. It’s basically unheard of for us to have no snow covering the ground for nearly 90% of the winter.

    • We have indeed stolen all your snow. It’s taking ages to melt away too! I am desperately waiting for the winter to be over.

    • Thank you! 😀

      I was looking for a tea tray and some rope so I could fashion a makeshift sledge so Cody could drag me around on it. Couldn’t find one!

  4. Jaina, your shots are great! My favorites are the first, third, and the final one with Cody having snow on her face – too funny! Love your photography. Keep it up!

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