February’s Rainbow Challenge – Seeing red

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2012 Photography Project

Here’s a one week progress report on this month’s rainbow challenge.

First week’s colour was red. Red is an easy colour for me. It’s my favourite colour, so you’ll be hard pressed to find anything in my house that isn’t red. My sofas are red, duvet set and bed covers, curtains. Even my car’s red! So, red, a little bit of a cake walk. Though, I fear the photos are a little boring and mundane!

Getting Incepted

Red, red, everywhere

Flamenco red

Up, down, left, right

Tropical reds

Dry heat

Red top

I can’t promise I won’t take more photos of my chillies. They’re just there and seem to cover a lot of different themes so far. Maybe I should call a moratorium on taking photos of them…

Coming soon – yellow! Which is proving a little trickier.


    • I can pretty much watch Inception an infinite amount of times and never be bored.

      Red is the best colour 😉

  1. Great shots.
    I have been to busy taking pictures for my union during the strike. So far almost 1200 pictures. The union could be described as “red” maybe 😉 The strike is still on, so I’m still busy..
    I’ll be back whenever it is over.

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