Yes, I still like going shopping with my mum

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Last Friday I took a lovely, leisurely day off work and took my credit card and my mum out shopping. Yes. My mum. I’m 27 years old (jeez!) and I really do like going shopping with my mum, and felt this time I needed to go shopping with her as well.

Why? I’m stuck in various ruts at the moment. Clothing being one of them. I tend to go shopping on my own. As such, I come back with bags full of stuff. But said stuff usually all looks the same. Stuff that I feel safe buying and wearing. I don’t have anyone to ask about any of the clothes I just think about trying on, let alone buying.

My mum’s a little bit brilliant that way. She’ll grab some things which I wouldn’t have even looked at and get me to try it on. And also will tell me straight if anything looks hideous when I do try things on.

It’s highly likely I just need someone else to go shopping with. But I trust my mum. Also, it’s highly probable that if anyone but my mum told me to try on something which I thought wasn’t my thing I’d give them a blank faced NO.

So, thanks mum! I’ve got some nice, new, different clothes. I’ve done a wardrobe purge and got rid of random items I just never wear. I should be set for the year now! Maybe. Hopefully.

(Side note: Finally found a pair of slim fitting/skinny jeans which actually fit and don’t make me feel like a blob! That was the biggest win of the day. H&M was where it was at. In fact, all my new jeans were from there. They do lengths! Different lengths!)


  1. Really envy you. Wish I had a mum I could go shopping with.

    I tend to go shopping alone too. Mostly because, unlike most other women, I don’t actually like shopping and it feels like a chore which I want to get over with.

    I used to always come back with more of the same stuff. I wore a lot of black because it was easy. But recently I took the plunge and went to see a colour consultant. I can honestly say that it was the best money I invested (it’s not expensive). I now know what colours I look good in, so when I go shopping, I don’t even look at colours that are not on my chart. I love red too, so was very glad that red is a very good colour for me. I have got a lot more purple items in my wardrobe now 🙂

    ps: Great to know that H&M does jeans which do not make you look like a blob. I have the same problem with jeans. A lot of them make me feel like a potato.

    • I’m not a massive fan of shopping. Mostly because it gets me down most of the time! But it’s a bit of a faff. Trying on clothes. Wandering around shop after shop with no guarantee of actually getting anything. And then walking away with something for the sake of it, which you then hate when you get home!

      I’ve never heard of a colour consultant before – interesting! I think my wardrobe mostly consists of reds, greys, greens and blacks. A few purples too. It’s good to know what’s good for you and not waste your time on something that’ll make you look wrong.

      Blob/potato feeling is not good. H&M’s sizes were good. While they didn’t do short sizes in their regular trousers, the regular length didn’t seem so long.

    • I was dubious about seeing a colour consultant before, but saw the effects it had on a friend. It cost me only £99. There are a few of these companies around, but I used House of Colours. The consultant went through a whole spectrum of coloured fabric and placed each each next to my face and it was amazing to watch my complexion either brighten up or get dull and flat. At the end of it I got a wallet of colours which are my colours. I highly recommend it. And no I do not get a commission 🙂

      • Sounds interesting, I may just look into it. I know there are some colours which just don’t work for me, but it’d be nice to have a palette I could rely on.

  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping with your mom–the best way to seal the bond between to two of you! I think that is awesome, and adorable. Shopping is best when there is someone you especially trust.

  3. My Mum is the same. She’ll force me to try something on which I would overlook and it’ll actually look good!

    Yay Mums!

  4. Aww, sounds like fun. I help my mom in shopping a lot because she’s just unsure of what to get or what to consider trying on often. It’s fun having a successful shopping trip with someone you care about and actually value their opinion.

    I will have to go to H&M for jeans now! Thanks for the recommendation. Been needing a new place to buy jeans.

    • It is. Just being able to share the little things feels like they’re just more worth it.

      Try them out. Sure, most of the jeans in stock were the “regular” sizes, but dig a little bit and you should find what you’re looking for.

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