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7x7 Link AwardDan over at Top 10 Films was very kind in nominating my little ol’ blog for a 7×7 Link Award! Thank you so very much, Dan! The award highlights my favourite blog posts I’ve written and in the spirit of the memes of the world, I need to pass it on to 7 other blogs.

Firstly, here are the rules:

RULE 1: Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

RULE 2: Link to one of the posts that I personally think best fits the following categories: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful Piece, Most Popular Piece, Most Controversial Piece, Most Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece, and Most Pride-Worthy Piece.

RULE 3: Pass this award on to seven other bloggers.

Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

Miami ViceThis is insanely tricky. Oh, I think I have something!

When I was just a very small person, i.e a child, I was apparently very obsessed by Miami Vice. The original TV series. It was a Saturday afternoon staple in our house and nothing would stop me from watching it. I had a small obsession with one character in particular, apparently. He would be Ricardo Tubbs played by Philip Michael Thomas. I have very little recollection of this. I do remember sitting in front of the TV and watching the opening titles. But not of this obsession. It’s something my family aren’t willing to let me forget.

Most Beautiful Piece – Watching the Sun Rise

Morning silhouettes

I really enjoyed taking the photos and really loved how they all turned out.

Most Helpful Piece – Getting my tech on

Not just my thoughts on getting to grips with HTML5 and CSS3 as well as responsive web design and designing for mobile devices, but the comments are incredibly useful.

Most Popular Piece – Top TV Opening Title Sequences

Wrote this a while ago and it still proves to be pretty popular. Mostly people looking for information on Justified, True Blood and Mad Men’s opening titles.

Most Controversial Piece – The Blame Game

I don’t write a lot of controversial things. Well, unless someone takes offence to me ranting on about my daily commutes. Here I shared some of my thoughts on last year’s London riots.

Most Surprisingly Succesful Piece – 2012’s Monthly Photo Challenges

Seems like a lot of people came to this post because they were looking for some themes for photo challenges for themselves. Glad I could help out!

Most Underrated Piece…

Finding it hard trying to think of one for this category. Having a personal blog, I don’t know how to class a post as underrated.

Most Pride-Worth Piece – What better way to admit a secret than to write a guest blog about it

I wrote about writing my first ever guest blog post. Followed by a bit more juice on the little secret. I was proud of myself for writing it, due to the personal nature and the fact that I don’t think of myself as a writer and yet… people are happy to read what I write!

Now it’s my turn to pass the award on to 7 other bloggers out there.

Jina over at Created by Caffeine. She’s a great blogger and has a way with words. Fab inspirational quotes and she’s a very lovely person!

Mild Concern would definitely be another. Mild Concern’s got a mix of film, TV and theatre reviews and views, with a very British accent.

A Confederacy of Spinsters makes me laugh so very much. There’s something funny in every single post and almost all of them have something in them that I relate to.

Dan from Fogs’ Movie Reviews is probably one of the hardest working movie bloggers out there. There’s something new on his blog pretty much every day. I honestly love it over at his blog. He’s done great work and hope there’s more to come.

Humaira is a long time friend. Her blog’s a personal blog, like mine. She’s open and always has something that gives my brain a little bit of a think.

Kristin over at All Eyes On Screen is another movie blog I’ve become a fan of in recent months. She shares my love of movie scores and I always love having a geek out about them with her.

The Focussed Filmographer is a another hard-working film blogger. Trailer Time Thursdays, CinematiCaptions, Time to Vote Tuesdays, along with film reviews and news.. T’s got them all in there. I love how he can get everyone so engaged. Definitely a huge skill!


  1. Congrats on getting nominated for this meme Jaina. Some fun and interesting posts indeed and it’s always nice to be able to highlight them when you get a chance 😀

  2. Miami Vice, huh, Jaina?


    Niiiiice. LOL

    And we love having you around, too! Dont worry, there’s plenty more to come!

  3. Definitely a deserved award, Jaina. Your blog holds such a nice balance between film, TV, photos, and life in between. Honored to be awarded one of your seven slots, Jaina!

    Cracking up at your mild obsession of Miami Vice.

  4. Congrats Jaina! I absolutely love your ‘What Better Way To Admit A Secret Than To Write A Guest Blog About It’ post, and I’m definitely in your corner, girl!

  5. ha! I remember Miami Vice! LOL. gotta love when family won’t let you forget something like that! 🙂

    I look forward to checking out a few of the articles you mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

    Hey, and thank you for the kind words and the nomination! A true honor. And Fogs’ is def one of the hardest working bloggers out there!

    Great post. Congrats on your award!

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