The Avengers Initiative is Here


Avengers Initiative

Apologies for going a little Avengers mad at the moment. But the Avengers hype has well and truly gripped me and I can’t let go. No. I won’t!

Just to add fuel to the hype Terrence over at The Focused Filmographer has started up his Countdown to The Avengers with a week filled with posts looking back at the how we got to The Avengers. Ending the week with a review from Terrence himself.

There are loads of different contributors and every day there’s going to be a look back to each of the characters featured in Avengers Assemble. Dan from Fogs’ Movie Reviews has kicked us off with his look back at Iron Man.

Other contributors include Aidy Reviews, Morgan on Media, Ruth at Flixchatter. And a whole load more. My post on Thor will be up on Tuesday. No doubt I’ll be reminding you of that when it’s up.

So, just to reiterate my apology. My going on and on about Avengers Assemble won’t be going away any time soon!

9 thoughts on “The Avengers Initiative is Here

    1. It’s just taken a hold of me. I’m losing count of how many times I’ve seen Thor… it’s just always playing on the movie channels here!

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