Taking a break with something new

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Took a break from all things Photoshop today. Designer’s block is just that way of telling me that I need a break from one thing and shake things up a little bit.

So instead, I spent the day looking into a bunch of different hosted eCommerce solutions for one of my little projects I’m working on. My brain is frazzled. Frazzled and overloaded with all sorts of information that I didn’t know earlier this morning, but need to know now, stuffed in my brain. Feel a little like Homer Simpson – new information has pushed out some of my old information I had nicely stored in my brain.

Sometimes there’s just too much choice

This morning I was looking at maybe 3 main contenders – Volusion, Shopify and Big Commerce. By the afternoon a couple of more contenders had crept in – Magento Go and Big Cartel. Arghh!

The more I read online the more I saw positives and negatives of pretty much every single solution. For ever fantastically amazing review for one of them, there was an equally diabolical review. This does not help one make a decision!

Going in the Right Direction

Though with all the confusion, I’m glad I set aside a proper whole day to spend some time researching this. It’s nothing I’m familiar with. Though, I feel a little bit more familiar now. And that’s a step in the right direction. Maybe not a whole step. A half a step. At least it’s in the right direction.

Tomorrow, I’m stepping back into Photoshop. After a whole day away from it, I’m itching to get back into it.


    • Aww 🙁 But it’s Friday today! That’s a reason to celebrate. Busy week coming to an end.

  1. I can’t really help, but I’ve seen a lot of people using Big Cartel. Not heard of the others.

    *opinion of someone who shops lots*

    • It seems to be the choice of many small shop owners starting out which is making it a very tempting solution.

      Also, I need opinions of people who shop a lot!

  2. Hi. I am not sure what your project is and may well be on the wrong track but I can say I shop at Etsy and Redbubble. Both seem pretty good. I also sell through Redbubble. I have registered for Zazzle but not got any further there yet…

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