I am done dancing with dragons


Let me just first say, this is not a review. Merely musings of my journey through this mahoosive book. Oh and I’ll keep the spoilers to a minimum. In fact, I don’t think there will be any. Though I can’t guarantee it. So be vaguely warned!

A Dance with Dragons

Where in Westeros do I begin with A Dance with Dragons? I can’t remember where it started. I have a vague memory of the core characters who were followed in this book. But in all honesty, it’s just the very ending and last couple of chapters that I can truly remember.

And that’s the main problem with the later books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. George R. R. Martin spends so long with the details, he forgets about the plotting and pacing. Some chapters will feel so utterly slow and bogged down. Others will race by. Especially when shit goes down.

Plenty of that did happen here. But there are so many characters now floating around this universe that it’s hard to truly keep track of them and their intentions. Which side they’re on. How many sides are there now? I don’t know!

I can’t remember where the events at The Wall were left. I do know what’s happened in King’s Landing. (No spoilers, but FINALLY we have some consequences!) The events in Meereen were just taking the piss though. They went on and on and on. Then suddenly there was a bit of movement at the end and it felt totally rushed!

You know what though? However bored and frustrated reading this book got me, I don’t think I can ever not continue reading the series. Until its end. It’s the hope that it will get better and also the hope that I will finally be paid off with an absolutely epic ending that keeps me picking up the books.

Now, when’s the next book coming out?