Project 365 2013/14: Day Thirty One

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Project 365

Project 365 2013/14: Day Thirty One

Home! Home back in, strangely, sunny England. Certainly wasn’t expecting that. Well, I was. Sort of. Of course I’ve been watching the news and weather whilst I’ve been away. So I knew England is experiencing summer, finally. It’s nice to come back from 35 degree heat and not be frozen as soon as you leave the plane.

Had an interesting experience on the plane. Stunningly huge headache, compounded by air pressure doing some fun things to my head, and what do I get? A kid kicking the back of my seat all the way and an old biddy sitting next to me who’s very deaf and almost probably a bit senile. Bless her, all she wanted to do was talk. While I desperately needed some shut-eye and she didn’t get the hint when I put my earphones in. Too polite to say otherwise!

What does this have to do with the photo? Very nearly nothing. Just something that happened today. What’s up with the photo? Well, I might have sort of forgotten about a photo for today until just now-ish. So, here I am catching up on some feeds and other Internets for the day.

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