Project 365 2013/14: Day Fifty

Day 50

Successfully made it to Day 50 of the 365. WOO! Sadly, not much of a celebratory photo. Just me relaxing at home after seeing my brother with a cup of coffee and The Wire on TV. Season 4 episode 10 if anyone’s interested. Apologies if you’re not.

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  • ruth

    Hey, cool new layout! Love your pic enjoying your cup of coffee watching The Wire. I really need to see this series for Idris 😀

    • Jaina

      Start watching for Idris and get sucked in by the amazingness of the show.

  • Eric @ The Warning Sign

    Site’s looking good, Jaina!

    Is this your first time watching The Wire?

    • Jaina

      Thanks Eric, I’m still trying to figure out if I like the new look or not!

      First time. I’m half way through the final season and itching to just get through the rest of them! Fantastic show.

  • 3guys1movie

    I like the new look of your site.

    • Jaina