A maybe weekly round-up (2)

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There was a plan to post something during the week. But my laptop decided to die. Okay, let me correct that. Windows decided to die. For, possibly, the third time in 6 months Windows 7 on my laptop had freaked out while, I think, trying to do an update and the operating system just died. Start-up loop. JOY. Thankfully, because a) this has happened so many times and b) all my data is stored on my Synology NAS, it’s not too much of a big deal to have to re-install Windows and start from scratch on my laptop. Just a pain having to re-install drivers and software and what not.

It wouldn’t be a total lie if I were to say that Apple Macs are suddenly seeming an attractive alternative. If they weren’t so bloody expensive.

Here endeth the moaning.

The week has gone by pretty quickly. Over half way through August already and the summer bank holiday’s only just around the corner!

  • It’s been a fairly good week film wise. More in terms of numbers than anything else, sadly. The worst of which was John Q. Eh, it was fine. Held my attention. Mostly. I wasn’t going to be able to see 2 Guns, so fill the week with a different Denzel film. Kick Ass 2 is the middle film out of the three I saw this week. The recent mediocre and negative reviews for the film lowered my expectations enough for me to enjoy this. Nowhere near as good as the first. Got annoyed that it followed a very similar “template” to the first film. But, wasn’t bad. And Sunday I sat down to watch Stoker. Not what I expected. In a good way. For some reason I was amused when I saw it was written by Wentworth Miller. Him from Prison Break! Excellent soundtrack too.
  • Elysium is finally out here this week and I will be going to check that out on Thursday. Hopefully. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more than I would have with my hopes a little lowered thanks to the reviews I’ve already skimmed past so far.
  • This happened a while ago, but I forgot to mention it. I have FINALLY finished watching The Wire. Fantastic show. Really, really amazing. Glad I didn’t give up on it, just because it had been ages since I saw any of it. It is one of those shows that when you get deep into it, you can’t stop watching. Well, I couldn’t. Very, very satisfied by how it ended. One day, I’ll post a full post about it. One day.
  • Also, the The Wire reference in Suits last week amused me. The follow-up comment about watching The Sopranos and then The Wire equally amused me, because that’s exactly what I did!
  • So, Breaking Bad is back and Hank finally finished whatever he was doing in the bathroom. Holy freaking hell. No spoilers here, just in case there is anyone who hasn’t seen it yet (What is wrong with you!?). Everything in it gave me butterflies. The good kind.
  • What other TV am I watching? Dexter and The Newsroom. Dexter is starting to frustrate a little bit. But not nearly as much as the rest of the fandom seems to be annoyed with it.
  • The Newsroom is still being excellent. I wish conversations in real life were what they are in The Newsroom.
  • Just like I mentioned last week, I have finished reading The Magus. Have to admit, I did sometimes feel like the main character, Nicholas. The book definitely needs some patience, but a worthwhile read.
  • So, what am I reading now? Slaughterhouse Five. Only 99p on Kindle! Bargain.
  • Considering it’s such a short book, think I’m going to need to line something else up after it soon. Will happily take any suggestions for future reading.

That’s it with me at the moment. Here’s what’s caught my eye on the interwebs this week:

I leave you with It’s Not You, It’s Me, a short film starring Gillian Jacobs and Fran Kranz. Maybe spoiler alert… she really Britta’d this one!

Hope you all had a good weekend and have a good week ahead of you.


  1. Sorry your laptop is acting up ): Hopefully no files were lost.

    So you finished all the seasons of The Wire, or just season 1? I’ve only seen the first season-brilliant stuff.

    I too felt like the main character, Nicholas, in The Magus. Becoming fascinated by the mysterious goings on, and not wanting to leave. As if I had been on the island.

    I’ll check out that short film, thanks for sharing

    • Finished the entire series of The Wire. Keep going with it, it’s a brilliant show. BRILLIANT.

      The Magus was a great recommendation. Thanks again for it!

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