Hovering around the middle

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There’s been a ‘monthly catch-up’ post sitting in my draft posts with one line and a title for the last couple of weeks.

There’s also been a ‘weekly round-up’ post sitting in my drafts for this week too.

Now it’s Thursday and neither have been done and the likelihood of either being done is getting slimmer and slimmer. See, the thing is…

I’m off to Bahrain in a few hours!

So while I’d love to wax on about how much of an amazing time I had when I went to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on Monday night at the Brixton Academy and the fun I had on the weekend at a charity fete thing. There are so many blogs I need to catch up on too! It’s just impossible to do.

I’m still trying to cram in a few more hours of work and have constant thoughts that I haven’t got everything packed. It’s all a bit WOOOO.

There will be a catch up. There will be blog posts. There will be photos. Just as soon as I touchdown somewhere…!


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