A maybe weekly round-up (5)


Last week it was rain. This week, it’s the cold. Transitioned into the winter coat this past week. The mornings are getting pretty damn chilly. Though, thankfully, the rest of the day is never too chilly. So far. Autumn is here!

This week saw me messing with zombies, watching a new cinema release and nearly locking myself into my house. Yes.

So, Halloween’s just around the corner. There’s no better time to get chased in London by some zombies. Right? Exactly what I did on the weekend.

2.8 Hours Later

2.8 Hours Later – Asylum is a zombie chase in London. Well, not the whole city. Just in the Stratford-ish area. For this year. The gist of it is – there’s a zombie outbreak, London is a safe city, but we don’t have ID. We look for our ID, do tasks, get chased by zombies and try and make it to Asylum.

Sadly, I managed to fall and smack my head on the concrete and limped my way through the rest of it. But know, it is terrifying at points. When all you can see is nothing but dark shapes and all you can hear is screaming and moaning from zombies. So much fun. But … don’t fall and smack your head on the pavement.

The past week only saw one film getting seen. Though, it was a new release. Finally! It’s been a very long time since I went to the cinema. So what film got me out? Captain Phillips.

Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks is back and as is Paul Greengrass. See, I know Greengrass gets a lot of flack for his shaky-cam nonsense, but I personally, have never been bothered by it. Okay, he might have gone overboard with it with The Bourne Ultimatum, but it did not turn me off the film.

Back to Captain Phillips – excellent film. Tension is high almost from the get go. Tom Hanks is brilliant in the film. I’ve always had a soft spot for him. He’s a good actor, so it’s nice to see him on the big screen again. Even though Phillips might seem to be a bit of a hard ass when it comes to his work, you might not like him for that, but you still manage to feel for him and his situation later in the film. All down to Hanks. In my opinion!

Last year I was pretty vocal of my enjoyment for the Swedish/Danish TV show, The Bridge. Well, this year doesn’t just see the US remake, but also a British version – The Tunnel.

The Tunnel

I tried the US version. Didn’t quite work for me. At times it felt too alike the original and then the characters/actors just didn’t fit the roles. The Tunnel’s first episode worked a bit better for me. Something about the French/British partnership. Feels very like the Swedish/Danish set up. We’ve got this long standing, French hate the Brits and Brits hate the French.

Enjoyed the first episode and will see how the second episode goes. It does feel bizarre that there are two versions of the original on TV now. And both of the remakes are, so far, cut outs of the original. I like a bit of deviation in my remakes. Just to make them stand out a bit more. Right?

Anyone else giving this one a watch?

It’s just struck me I didn’t tell the story of how I nearly locked myself into my house. Well… the handle on my front door fell off and my attempts at DIY’ing to find out what went wrong very nearly caused a lock-in. My blonde moment of the week!

Here’s what I’ve been reading on the Interwebs this past week:

  • While I was in Bahrain I bought my first ever cast iron pan! (This is exciting to me.) Finally got around to using is semi-regularly and have had to look up how to maintain it. I’ve never looked after a pan so well.
  • Next year I’ll be turning 30, so it’s a good thing I read 30 words to start using when you turn 30.
  • Been gawping at this guy’s artwork. That is TALENT. Just to state the obvious.
  • Humble Bundle finally did it – Ticket to Ride with the 1910 map! YEAH!
  • There was big news in the web hosting world last week with GoDaddy buying MediaTemple. That link is pretty much my view on the whole thing. Even as I actively move all my domain names away from Godaddy.
  • Keith reviews Much Ado About Nothing, something I saw very, very recently and think more people should see!
  • It’s nearly Halloween, so do yourself a favour – watch The Thing.
  • Also, as it’s approaching Halloween, watch one of the best horror films of late, as reviewed by Morgan – The Cabin in the Woods.
  • The OH bought my a pizza stone! Received a package in the post. Well, massively huge, heavy as hell, parcel. Ripped the thing open and it was a pizza stone! In hindsight, I should have known. We were talking about it earlier. Also, what the hell else would weigh so much! Not had a chance to use it, but I know I’ll be having a lot of fun making pizzas, pitta bread and loads more things on my brand new bit of kitchen kit. Yes, these are the things that get me excited.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Christopher Walken knitting. For a clothing marketing campaign.

Christopher Walken