Keeping the crazy at bay


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working from home. Well on and off. But this whole week, I have been exclusively working from home.

Making the most of the benefits of working from home. Getting an hour extra time in bed in the mornings. Saved a load of money on travel and food. Not having to go out into the cold, COLD weather in the mornings and evenings.

But there are some drawbacks. Mostly because I live on my own. So. I don’t exactly see anyone during the day. Can go a little stir crazy. My tea and coffee intake has increased. And what with it being so cold, I’m layering up in an effort for not having the heating on during the day. That stuff costs money!

To keep from going totally mental, I’ve been picking up my camera. Picking up my camera and just taking photos around the home. Nothing special. But it gives my brain a break from the joys email marketing and stops me from going to brew up another cup of coffee.

Morning wake up

Getting on with it

Need to clean!

Worker in the dark


Midday shadows

Afternoon pick-me-up




Almost done

Training day