It was all very civilised

This past weekend was my first ever hen-do. Not even joking. The whole weekend spent in a gorgeous house in the Cotswolds with a lovely bunch of girls.

While I can’t share what happened, what happens at the hen stays at the hen, I can share a few of the photos I took of the amazing place we stayed. A very gorgeous house (That a family actually live in!) in the Cotswolds, near Gloucester.

Like I said above, a family lived in this house. Mum, dad and two kids. A house that, comfortably, housed 20 women. My mind was blown by that fact. My 10-year-old self would have LOVED to have been living in that house. Beautiful.


    • Haha! Thankfully the family were away for the weekend. And like I said, what happens at the hen weekend, stays at the hen weekend ;)

  1. OH MY! That is a gorgeous house indeed, how nice you got to live there for a little while. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing Jaina!

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