A maybe weekly round-up (6)


Brr... it's a little bit cold!

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. Though, I feel I cover my back by saying ‘maybe‘ in the title of these ‘regular‘ posts.

For the past month, or so, I’ve been enjoying working from home, complete with dressing like a total bum. Going to miss that this week. While working at home definitely has its perks, I don’t know how people do it full-time, all the time. It’s tough! Especially living on your own. And oh so easy to fall into bad habits. Going to resent having to get up an hour earlier and pay for my transport to and from work this week. And having to wrap up to face the cold.

The complaining is a little unwarranted. I only have to take 2 weeks until I’m off to Bahrain! Very nearly time. Nearly.

One of the joys I will miss about working from home is the ability to watch my TV during my lunch break, leaving the evening open for some quality film watching. Managed to watch a ridiculous FOURTEEN films last month. And I swear this is mostly because of this little fact. Highlights?



Gravity finally rolled around to UK screens and I couldn’t wait. Well, I could, because I did. It was worth the wait. BUT. The 3D? Just don’t see it. Personally, I don’t think the 3D increased my viewing pleasure of the film whatsoever. I swear, after a certain amount of time I just got used to it. Yes, I can see that it’s adding depth and “immersing” the viewer in the film. But I don’t need that! Give me a good story with some interesting characters and that’s enough to immerse me into it. For sure.

Which is exactly what Gravity had. And along with the pretty much 99% of you guys out there, Gravity is on my list of favourite films of the year.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

I’m not a huge ‘need-to-see-Christmas-films-this-time-of-year’ sort of person. My kind of Christmas films are the likes of Die Hard and Gremlins. And now Rare Exports. It’s a ridiculous film. Something I’ve come to expect from any film from the Scandinavian region. Ridiculous and fun. Very light-hearted. But some little touches of serious tones. Which I enjoyed. My first Christmas film of the season.

Oh and, the less you know, the better for you. Trust me.

The Sting

The Sting

Ken is teaching me about good films. Previous ‘good’ films he sat me down to watch were Life of Brian and One Upon a Time in the West. The Sting is the next one and so far, all of them have been great introductions to films I think I should definitely have seen.

Watching The Sting, all the way through it, I could see hints at what current filmmakers have taken from it. Little things like double-double-crossings. Some intelligent characters. And clever plot devices. In parts, it made me think it was the Inception of its time. Maybe. But, The Sting is definitely a brilliant classic film. An astoundingly young Robert Redford and ever dapper Paul Newman. Would love to watch it again too.

Look forward to many more film teachings, Ken. And possibly a lesson or two in the English language.

Also, watched a BUNCH of documentary films. More on those… later!

The lacklustre TV season continues. Homeland has finally picked up, with only 2 more episodes to go this season.

The Walking Dead is the biggest tease in the world. Has some great set-ups, awfully boring episodes then drops some massively exciting cliff hangers. Generates massive amount of momentum episode to episode, then drops a couple of woefully slow episodes that just breaks everything up. Sad to say, that mid-season finale might just have been enough for me to be mildly interested on what’s going to happen post-hiatus.

Almost Human

Almost Human started last month and I have been watching. Pleasantly surprised by this show. Four episodes in, and hand on heart, I am enjoying it. So far. It’s pretty much Blade Runner/Minority Report/I, Robot rolled into one. With themes from various other sci-fi films thrown in there from time to time. But it’s enjoyable to watch. Michael Ealy and Karl Urban make a good on screen team. They’re bros and fun to watch. I think from the second episode I knew I’d like those two together. I’m not saying that this is the best sci-fi TV show to come and that it’s the most original brilliant bit of sci-fi on TV in years. It’s far from it. I’ve made some predictions in my head, waiting for those to pan out. I really want them to surprise me. Even if they don’t, I look forward to it episode by episode. So far, I’ve been given some enjoyable bits of TV to watch. So … maybe, yay?

Been trying to keep up with the rest of you guys on your blogs, but Jesus, you guys work a lot harder than I do! Here are some of my favourites from what I’ve been catching up with…

Hope you’re having a good start to your week!