2013 in films

100 movies of 2013

2013 in films

All my ‘2013 review’ style posts are running late. Well, can they really be called late? I was just waiting for 2013 to be truly over until I did any sort of review on it.

First up – films. I knew a very, very long time ago that I would never hit my goal of 100 films in the year. I did hit a respectable 90 films. Not bad, right?

Of those 90 films seen in 2013…

It is incredibly hard for me to pick out my favourite film of the last year. So I choose all those I rated a 5/5. For its technical achievement, Gravity is a stand out amongst those. For its complete unpredictability, Mud is also a highlight for me.

Check out all the films I saw in the last year.

What about 2014?

Well, I think I’m going to retire the whole 100 films of… thing I’ve been doing since 2008 (WHAT! That’s SIX YEARS!!). Now, that’s not to say I’m totally giving up on the aim of devouring a shit tonne of films each year. I’ll still be trying to do that. Just without a target. It’s taken me six years to realise I don’t need a target. JEEZ.