2013 in films

100 movies of 2013

2013 in films

All my ‘2013 review’ style posts are running late. Well, can they really be called late? I was just waiting for 2013 to be truly over until I did any sort of review on it.

First up – films. I knew a very, very long time ago that I would never hit my goal of 100 films in the year. I did hit a respectable 90 films. Not bad, right?

Of those 90 films seen in 2013…

It is incredibly hard for me to pick out my favourite film of the last year. So I choose all those I rated a 5/5. For its technical achievement, Gravity is a stand out amongst those. For its complete unpredictability, Mud is also a highlight for me.

Check out all the films I saw in the last year.

What about 2014?

Well, I think I’m going to retire the whole 100 films of… thing I’ve been doing since 2008 (WHAT! That’s SIX YEARS!!). Now, that’s not to say I’m totally giving up on the aim of devouring a shit tonne of films each year. I’ll still be trying to do that. Just without a target. It’s taken me six years to realise I don’t need a target. JEEZ.

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  1. What, still no Annie? 😉

    I know what you mean about retiring. I’ve still not completed a year successfully (this year was the closest I got with 96 films) but that mad dash at the end to fit them in took a lot of fun out of just seeing films I wanted to see. I may keep a personal log of the films I watch this year, but not necessarily adhere to any actual challenge.

    Also, completely unrelated, but there are awesome little snowflakes floating around on your blog, right? Or have I finally lost the plot?

    1. Like you, the mad dash to watch as many as possible turned into me watching whatever I could to bump up the numbers. Neglecting films I know I SHOULD be watching. Going to make more of a point to see those films on my epic list!

      Erm… you have totally lost the plot…. NOT 😉 There are snowflakes. But they’ll be disappearing soon!

  2. Some nice movies you have seen (nice to see End of Watch in that list, one of my favorites of 2012)

    Goals are not always needed. I didn’t manage all my goals, but I like to have them as I see it as kind of a game.

    Also have put up my “looking back at 2013” post, should you be interested in it. 🙂

  3. Good stuff Jaina! I’m so glad to hear that you loved “Mud”. What a great movie. Also glad you got to see “12 Angry Men”. I’m a big fan of that classic as well. And 5/5 for “Once Upon a Time in the West”? Absolutely! It’s my favorite western of all time.

    Almost finished with my best of the year post. Scheduled to go up Monday. But I also love reading what others have to say about the past movie year. Have a great 2014!

    1. Watching Once Upon a Time in the West just showed me how much modern films “take” from the classics. SO MUCH! It’s always eye opening watching the classic films.

      Looking forward to reading your post!

  4. Oh, I would never manage to see 100 movies a year. At least first time watching, rewatches included, maybe. Awesome to see you gave the highest score to Gravity and Mud – such brilliant films.

  5. That’s quite a lot of films you gave 5/5, for me Gravity is the only one from 2013. I just might give HER a top rating though it’s not exactly a flawless film. I absolutely love MUD too, that’ll be on my top 10 for sure.

    1. Think I’m fairly “soft” on rating films 5/5 – they don’t have to be perfect, but they just have to have something that appeals to me enough to give them a good rating.

      Really want to see Her when that’s finally out here. If it gets a decent enough release. Also, still waiting on the release of 12 Years a Slave AND Wolf of Wall Street!

  6. I must make more of an effort to record my film viewing this year! At least of the films you wanted to see, 12 Angry Men was the one you knocked off the list – great film, one of my all time favourites.

    1. It is nice when you can look back and see what films you actually saw. Though it’s also useful for me because there are times when I can’t remember if I’ve seen a certain film or not! Happened one too many times!

  7. Happy New Year, Jaina. Good call on dropping the “Target”… there’s no reason to kick yourself on being “ten films short” when 90 movies a year is still more than most people.

    I’m still surprised the Pirates ranked so low with you. I rather liked it.

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