2013 in Photos

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With all good intentions in my heart, I tried with my photos. Perhaps not enough. I know I should have taken my camera out with me more. And when I did take my camera out and about with me, I should have actually taken it out and taken more snaps. The 365 project I attempted to start mid way through the year didn’t work out either! Managed around fifty something days before it all disappeared.

Oh well. I didn’t. So let’s move on to what photos I did take. Here are just a few of my favourites:

BUT there is a huge chunk of photos missing from my recent trip back to Bahrain. But they’ll get a post of themselves soon.

Big mix of photos taken on my phone and camera. I swear, some of the better photos I’ve taken in the last year were on my phone. Just because I had it on me at the right place and right time.

What about 2014?

Despite me removing a film target for 2014, I’m putting in a photo target. Yes, I’m trying again with a 365 project. In the back of my head I’m hearing myself say FOOL. (Followed by FLY YOU FOOLS! But that’s just the way my brain works.)

I WANT to make this work this year and I will. I’m removing my ‘thing’ that they all have to be taken with my DSLR. They don’t. Far from it. Just whatever I have on me at the time.


  1. There are some beautiful photos in there! Can’t tell which have been taken on the camera and which on the phone. Nowadays the camera phone sometimes takes better photos than a bulky camera. Good luck for 2014!

    • Aww, thanks Humaira 🙂

      It’s definitely all about the camera you have on you rather than anything else 😀

  2. Some of my favorites in your round up too — vine/leaves through the wood planks, window blinds, dust, and that tree. Yay for challenging yourself again with the 365. Good for you for relaxing yourself and able to “accept” photos from your phone as well :). I’m doing a 52-week project with some photo club members. Got week #1 done, so that’s something :).

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