2013 in Photos


With all good intentions in my heart, I tried with my photos. Perhaps not enough. I know I should have taken my camera out with me more. And when I did take my camera out and about with me, I should have actually taken it out and taken more snaps. The 365 project I attempted to start mid way through the year didn’t work out either! Managed around fifty something days before it all disappeared.

Oh well. I didn’t. So let’s move on to what photos I did take. Here are just a few of my favourites:

BUT there is a huge chunk of photos missing from my recent trip back to Bahrain. But they’ll get a post of themselves soon.

Big mix of photos taken on my phone and camera. I swear, some of the better photos I’ve taken in the last year were on my phone. Just because I had it on me at the right place and right time.

What about 2014?

Despite me removing a film target for 2014, I’m putting in a photo target. Yes, I’m trying again with a 365 project. In the back of my head I’m hearing myself say FOOL. (Followed by FLY YOU FOOLS! But that’s just the way my brain works.)

I WANT to make this work this year and I will. I’m removing my ‘thing’ that they all have to be taken with my DSLR. They don’t. Far from it. Just whatever I have on me at the time.