Project 365: 2014 – August

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Project 365: August 2014

August is going to whizz by. I can just feel it.
Jaina (July 2014)

Do you ever have those months that are pretty jam-packed and busy, that you forget just how much you did in the month? Last month, in August, the OH and I were just “reminiscing” about when we moved into our new place, after we got back from our holiday to Belgium. “Reminiscing” because it was only 2 weeks before that we actually moved!

Time has flown by and it feels like a lot has been accomplished in August. A very good feeling.

Highlights from August:

  1. Moving to our new flat. It was pretty exhausting, but feels more like home than our previous flat, and we’ve barely been here a month.
  2. Holiday in Belgium! Getting to escape the Bahrain heat for a few days, taking some time off work, getting to see a few bit of a whole new country and spending time with family.
  3. Off the back of this, getting some more of my stuff from England. I have my jeans again! Which I can only just fit into..
  4. Doing some new things for work on some emails I’ve been working on. Feels good to stretch myself there.
  5. Getting more active – hitting the gym and squash courts. Getting exercise = good. Though, boy does it hurt a little bit.
  6. Going bowling and beating the OH. I suck at bowling. Usually.

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What I’m looking forward to in September:

  1. The weather beginning to cool down. (I hope!)
  2. Link to the one above – being able to use the pool without being stifled with humidity.
  3. More squash playing. Realised how much I missed playing a sport.
  4. Watching more Manhattan. It’s definitely one of my favourite shows of the summer.
  5. On the subject of TV – return of Fall TV! Though, I don’t know what I’ll be watching next season. So out of touch.
  6. Try to get some more film watching under my belt.

How’s your August been?

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