Film score pick: Mission: Impossible 2


The Mission: Impossible film franchise looks like it’s as unstoppable as the Fast & Furious franchise seeing as there’s a fifth one on the way soon.

Mission: Impossible II just happened to be on TV the other day over here. You could probably call this a guilty pleasure film of mine. As I’m quite happy just watching it whenever it’s on. Though, in all honesty, I’m don’t feel guilty that I do enjoy watching this film!

Sure it’s all John Woo-ified with the doves and the slow-mos and the fight sequence with bikes, but you have to check out the score soundtrack. Forget Limp Bizkit’s Take a Look Around and check out the score by Hans Zimmer.

A lot of it is your standard action film stuff, but there’s one track that always stands out for me whenever I listen to the score. It’s the track called Injection:

It is an overly dramatic and overly romantic part of the film, but I fall for this track every time. The combination of Hans Zimmer’s usual brilliance with Lisa Gerrard’s beautiful, operatic vocals. Never fails to send chills down my spine. I can easily listen to this one track on repeat. A standout on the album.