Film Review: The Interview aka Why did I watch that?


The Interview

There is absolutely no need for me to go into any of the details into the media frenzy that was going due to the film, The Interview. You’re all educated and well read enough to have heard about the hoo-haa surrounding that film.

Whether you believe it to be orchestrated or not, The Interview is out. People have seen it in their droves both legally and illegally. And guess what? It is an utterly terrible film. On every level.

I’m going to be keeping this brief as I don’t want to waste many words on this. Was The Interview trying to make some sort of commentary on the political situation between North Korea and the world/USA? Who knows!

I did not laugh at any one point. Barely even broke a smile. The comedy was either ridiculously slap-stick or aimed at 15-year-old boys.

You’re probably thinking, this film isn’t made for you. Well, I enjoyed the heck out of Pineapple Express and that’s very much a stoner comedy. And it was funny.

If there’s one positive that might come out of this whole debacle with The Interview is that it’s shone a light on digital releases of films as a major release point for a major film. Here’s hoping that will at least give the studios food for thought.