Film Review: The Interview aka Why did I watch that?

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The Interview

There is absolutely no need for me to go into any of the details into the media frenzy that was going due to the film, The Interview. You’re all educated and well read enough to have heard about the hoo-haa surrounding that film.

Whether you believe it to be orchestrated or not, The Interview is out. People have seen it in their droves both legally and illegally. And guess what? It is an utterly terrible film. On every level.

I’m going to be keeping this brief as I don’t want to waste many words on this. Was The Interview trying to make some sort of commentary on the political situation between North Korea and the world/USA? Who knows!

I did not laugh at any one point. Barely even broke a smile. The comedy was either ridiculously slap-stick or aimed at 15-year-old boys.

You’re probably thinking, this film isn’t made for you. Well, I enjoyed the heck out of Pineapple Express and that’s very much a stoner comedy. And it was funny.

If there’s one positive that might come out of this whole debacle with The Interview is that it’s shone a light on digital releases of films as a major release point for a major film. Here’s hoping that will at least give the studios food for thought.


  1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this one (which I don’t plan to see), but it is so much fun to watch a film blogger spectacularly pan a movie. 🙂 I’m convinced that much of Hollywood fare is aimed at 15-year-old boys. The problem is, I actually have a 15-year-old boy (well, O.K., he’s 16 now), and many of these movies are too stupid for him. Oh well.

    • Then you have one very fine 16 year old boy! Yeah, probably not the right way to phrase it. Should have just said, it’s very adolescent. But then again, you can get very mature adolescents. Well, maybe I can just say it’s for people who like their human low brow and an eternal love for Rogen and Franco? Hehe!

  2. Ooo, the sidebar was orange yesterday. Now it’s blue :). I didn’t “get” the concept or message or point of this movie either. I don’t plan on seeing it but what is up trying to kill-off a current leader of another nation amidst obvious tension between the US and the other nation? It wasn’t even well-done if it was a commentary!

    • Yeah, tinkering around with the colours. Don’t know what I “feel” like here lol!

      There was no commentary – it was just an eh film. Trying to poke fun at North Korea. Which I get. Should have just watched Team America again.

  3. That’s pretty much what I was worried about. This film wouldn’t have even been on my radar if all of the North Korea stuff didn’t happen. I like Rogen/Franco but this just looks bad.

    • Not a huge fan of Franco/Rogen, but they’ve done some very funny films. I enjoyed the heck out of This is The End. Just thought they might have been able to pull something of worth in this.

  4. I really enjoyed the first half of the movie, but once the Korea stuff started I thought it became a bit worse. Still laughed quite a bit.

    • The first half bored me a little. Felt like Franco was just going through the motions. Then once the “action” kicked off, it just got worse! Takes a lot for a film to crack a smile out of me.

    • If you’re a fan, stay away from this one! Not worth it at all. Just go and watch something like 127 Hours again.

  5. My hubby was just telling me he thought that more films might be released digitally, which would be awesome. I LOVE going to theaters, but I hate it when certain areas release films so much more in advance for others (and this is coming from a gal who lives in the States!).

    • Yeah, I think if any good has come out of it is that it’s shown to the movie studios and execs that people want to consume film how they want to consume it. Not have to see it in the cinemas, but watch it whenever they want.

  6. I go back and forth over wanting to see this film. When I very first heard of it, I thought the entire concept would be funny if done right. I haven’t seen all of Seth Rogen’s films – I’m not a huge proponent of pot smoking in general – but I have known him to be funny and very likeable. James Franco I don’t give two shits for. I’m still very curious about it but I do think that my son (who will be 18 soon) will love it and I’ll merely “meh” when I see it. It was that way with “This is the End” – which was another great concept but not funny all the way through.

    • Enjoyed “This is The End” a whole lot more than I was expecting to. It actually got me laughing, which is rare for a film.

  7. Wow. Not even a chuckle? I knew this one would be bad, but I didn’t realize how terrible it would turn out. Part of me wants to believe that Sony knew it was awful, and all the hacking stuff was a ruse to drum up attention. Then I realize that nobody in Hollywood is that smart, so there probably is not conspiracy after all.

    • Not even a chuckle. Though it takes a lot for me to chuckle because of a film.

      Hollywood’s not that smart. Just a bit lucky.

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