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The Things I Miss Most About Winter

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This is my first full winter out of England. And while it’s lovely waking up to sunny skies every day. Being able to go out without having to wrap up. Or wondering if it’ll rain and do I need a brolly. I’m finding there are a few things I miss about winter. Who’d have thunk it? Didn’t I complain about winter all the time in England?

The Snow

Cody enjoying winter

Still my favourite shot of Cody. The look of betrayal on her face. Yes, it was me that put the snow on her.

Yes, I complained about it most of the time, because I usually had to work! But snow is fun. Whatever age you are. It’s awesome building a snowman. Mucking around in the snow and generally acting like a child. We don’t get a lot of snow in London, but occasionally they’d be enough for a snow day and you get to spend hours just staring out the window watching the snow fall.

Morning chill


Love the sound of walking over crispy, frozen ground.

When you wake up and you’re really glad the central heating is on. You step outside and the air is FRESH. It feels almost like a smack in the face. But you suck it up and soldier on, all wrapped up with hat, scarves, gloves and whatever else you’ve got on to keep you warm.

Misty, foggy mornings

This is perhaps more of an autumn thing, but the side of autumn that’s closer to winter. Everything’s hidden in a dense fog outside. So dense it even muffles the sound of people and cars. Well, it did where I used to live.

Enjoying a walk

Winter Walk

Walking in winter in Windsor with the family – definitely miss this one

Walking in the countryside in winter in England has a certain charm about it. Is it an English thing to enjoy it? That fresh feeling. And the countryside part of it too. I’ve always enjoyed that.

Curling up under a blanket

Whether it’s watching a film on the sofa, or bedding down under the comfiest duvet in the world in bed, there is no better feeling. I try to replicate it by making the AC blast cold air, so I’ve got no option but to curl up under a blanket. It’s not the same.


One of my fashion staples of any season in England were my boots. Knee highs, mid-calf, ankle. BOOTS! I love all my boots and there is almost zero reason to wear boots here. It’s only just about cool enough for me to get away with my ankle boots. My knee highs and calf-length are still in England. I’ll never be able to wear them here.

You might be thinking – it’s all well and good you saying this, being in a lovely country where it’s still at least 22C during the day. Yes, I know. It’s lovely being here. But, damn, I miss the seasons!


  1. We don’t have snow in Malaysia and I have never experienced snow ever but I know I would loved it very much and if I were in your shoes I would miss it very much too!

  2. I love seasons which is why I live on the East Coast of the US and not in California, where it’s always sunny. I don’t like to complain about the weather because I remember how unbearably cold it was last year. I also welcome the crisp cold air after being in the warm house for a bit too long. I’d be sad to give up boots and fleece-lined tights too :). But you could embrace sandals :).

    • Definitely embracing the sandals. I have always preferred being in flip flops to full on shoes. But BOOTS! And seasons. Autumn and Spring are such lovely seasons, and so much fun to photograph in. Definitely miss that.

  3. Aww, I can get that. I’m not a fan of the cold as much, but I agree about the snow and the fresh air. Most importantly, I understand the boots thing. I LOVE BOOTS! They’re my favorite part of winter. 😀

    Love that picture of your dog, Cody, with the snow on him. So cute!

  4. I like some aspects of Winter [I’d have to right, otherwise I wouldn’t be living in Minnesota!!] I like snow and snow-covered branches following a snowfall, but I’d NEVER miss the frigid temps, I mean the past week we struggled to make it above zero (Fahrenheit) and wind chills was in 30-40 below, your face hurts even after being outside for just a minute.

    • The idea of weather or outdoors hurting your face is just unfathomable to me at the moment and I’m quite content that I don’t have to face that… Poor Ruth!

  5. Aww Cody. At first I thought it might be Axel – he was the dog I most you remember with 😉 I can well see that you would miss winter living where you live. Shoot you made me miss the snow and I’ve never lived in it. LOL I sure would be sad about the boots tho!!!

  6. All of those things you mention are great. I think taking a stroll the countryside is not just an English thing. Americans like it, too. I think if I were living where you are, I would miss Autumn the most. That’s the best season, for sure.

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