Soundtrack Pick: Gone Girl



Knowing that Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross are working on a film score is enough for me to want to listen to that score and see that film straight away. Hello Gone Girl!

I have a self-imposed rule – I am not allowed to listen to the score of a film before I’ve seen the film. It feels like spoilers. So it was rather stupid of me to get hold of the album upon film release, then have to wait months to listen to it.

After a couple of listens, I still find it hard to choose my favourite track. The obvious favourite is Sugar Storm. For good reason. It is a completely magical track. Then the opening beats of Clue One kick in and I feel like I’ve got another favourite.

The one that has a good combination of both of the above for me is Technically Missing:

I can listen to this track on repeat. It’s got a twisted positive vibe to it. But knowing the film, that’s not really the case. It’s all subterfuge. A cover-up. Then the way the track ends – it’s totally jarring. The shivers the film sends up and down your spine are back right on cue.

I’ll listen to the soundtrack another time and I know I’ll pick out another favourite. Very glad I waited until after I saw Gone Girl to listen to the soundtrack.