Nutshell Film Review: All Is Lost

All is Lost

All Is Lost: Don’t go sailing on your own.

All time is lost! I really was trying to keep myself awake while watching All Is Lost. But I was nodding off pretty furiously. Put this down to a combination of actually being tired, but mostly trying to maintain some level of concentration on a film that had nothing drawing me into it.

Watching Robert Redford bob around on the sea for just shy of two hours while every stranded-at-sea cliché is thrown at him got a little tiresome. I was okay with most of the clichés but then they just had to throw a shark in there. Well, a few sharks.

I get it. At the end he had to think he had lost everything to save himself. I get it. There was no feeling one way or another as to the outcome of Robert Redford’s character.

Save your time, watch Cast Away instead. Which is longer. But better.

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  1. I’m with you on this one. Like I said in my review, there is a moment where he screams Fuck!, which was exactly what I was thinking when I saw how long I still had to go. At the end of the screening the audience actually started laughing…and this was at a festival. Didn’t like it either, like you I’d rather see Cast Away

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