Soundtrack Pick: Z for Zachariah


Film scores are my jam. They help me concentrate when I’m working. Relax me when I’m just idly browsing the Internet. But of late I’ve not been able to find one that’s inspired me. In the past if I’ve enjoyed a film, it was fairly conclusive that I’d enjoy the film score. Something’s changed. This isn’t happening so much anymore.

I began to worry. Is it because I’m growing older? What do I do? Do I just let this happen? So I persevered. With every new film that I saw and enjoyed, I checked out the film score. Nothing. Until Z for Zachariah.

Heather McIntosh has created a beautiful and haunting film score that feels as romantic and bleak as the situation the characters are in. Listening to the album in a standalone capacity, removed from the film, it doesn’t listen like a lot of the film scores I’ve been forcing on myself. I’ve figured it out! I’m actually growing tired of overly soundtrack sounding film scores.

I picked out the track Hymn, Pt. 2 as one of my favourites from the score. It gets me feeling all dark and melancholy. And maybe makes me shed a tear. It’s been a long time since a film score managed to do that for me. Think the last one was Interstellar. And guess what Z for Zachariah and Interstellar’s scores have in common? That organ. Feels like there are a lot of similarities in the two scores.