Living for the weekend


Every Monday morning I wake up yearning after the weekend that’s just gone by, eagerly waiting for the next weekend to come. Sunday nights are the worst. Knowing that the following day begins the five long days until the next weekend arrives. Friday evening rolls around, everything resets. As cheesy as it sounds, it feels like anything is possible. Two whole days. DAMN.

The combination of remote working from home and Anish’s crazy schedule means the weekends are all the more precious for us. We make the best out of it.

Back in England, I took for granted that there was so much to do. Jump in the car. Drive somewhere. Do something. It’s a bit limiting in Bahrain. In the Middle East two of the top past times are eating and going to the mall. There’s only so much of that you can do. And to be honest, avoiding the mall on the weekends is our top priority.

This weekend we’re making the most of it. Bye-bye Bahrain, hello Dubai. Just for the weekend. Monday morning, you’re the furthest thing from my mind this Friday evening.