The Thing About Bahrain Is...

The Thing About Bahrain Is…


It was genuinely surprising to read that Bahrain had been voted one of the world’s best expat destinations. An overwhelming majority of folks seem to love living in this tiny country. After three years of living here, I can understand a lot of the positives about living in Bahrain. Bahrain is relaxed, friendly, and one of the most culturally diverse places I’ve lived.

Though there are some things these top expat destination type lists and surveys don’t tell you. Things you only learn after actually living in a country. So, thing about Bahrain is:

Isa Town Local Market

The charm of Isa Town Local Market


Flea markets, jumble sales, car boot sales—they weren’t places I visited often, if ever come to think of it. Aside from the odd jumble sale put on at school for charity. And those I can barely remember. I’d heard about a flea market here in Bahrain, open every Friday and Saturday morning, and where you could find anything. Despite my previous lack of interest in flea markets, it sounded like an interesting place to check out.

Hazy, lazy, Bahrain

Bahrain in Photos: Dust


Dust storms aren’t uncommon in Bahrain. Far from a weekly, or even monthly occurrence. But I’ve got used to seeing “widespread dust” as a weather forecast on my phone. They can last an entire day, or be burned up in the midday sun. Sometimes the dust rolls in during the afternoon, creating havoc on the roads at night as visibility shrinks to just metres.