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January Recap

The January Recap

Like my 365 project rundown for January showed, it’s been a quiet month. And I have really, really enjoyed it. The great thing about having a nice, quiet and somewhat frugal month is getting to stay in and just consume film after film after film. […]

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Budaiya Farmers' Market

Out in Bahrain: Budaiya Farmers’ Market

It turns out, we’re farmers market people. Every year, from December to June, there’s Budaiya Farmers’ Market. Taking place in, funnily enough, Budaiya, just off Budaiya Highway. Every Saturday morning between 8am and 12pm, you can get farm fresh stuff from Bahraini farmers. We’ve never […]

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How’s life in Bahrain so far?

How’s life in Bahrain so far?

Overdue is probably an understatement for how I feel about the topic in this post. On that imaginary blog to-do list for a while, but it’s been hard sitting down and writing. Not for any terrible reasons though! I’ve been in Bahrain now for around […]

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Hello, from Bahrain!

Hello, from Bahrain!

It’s happened. I have now moved to Bahrain! I flew out from London Heathrow, on Etihad, yesterday at 3:30pm and arrived in Bahrain at a little past 2am this morning. The move went pretty smoothly. Well, aside from some packing woes. You see, I’m not […]

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It’s all happening

It’s all happening

For some reason it’s taking me a little while to figure out how to start this post. Let’s see if I can get this post going. You might have noticed a little countdown ticking down on the sidebar over there. Or you might not, because […]

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