When you don’t have to take photos

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When you don't have to take photos

Do you ever have those moments where you wished you’d taken your camera, but then also know, that would have been a terrible mistake?

See on Saturday there was this big engagement ceremony/do type thing. It was awesome. So much fun. Everyone getting all dressed up. Seeing people you haven’t seen in a long time. Dancing so hard that two days later your legs still feel wobbly. (That could just be my lack of fitness.) It was a very fun, very memorable day.

I was umming and ahhing about taking my camera. With my 35mm. Nothing else. Just to get some nice photos. But I left it behind. Opted to rely on my phone for photos instead. A big part of me regrets it. All I’ve got are some grainy not-so-great photos. The kind of one’s that ‘will do’.

However the other part of me is reminding me that had I taken my camera, with no bag, I’d have been worrying about it the whole time while I was off dancing. Carrying it around. And probably would have seen the whole event through the lens rather than my eyes.

Sure I’ve only got some so-so phone photos to remember the day, but I’ve got some brilliant memories. Sometimes, you have to leave that camera behind.

(The few photos I did take can be seen here!)


  1. To be honest, apart from hard core enthusiasts and professional photographers hardly anyone I know uses a camera anymore.

    Most of our memorable shots from our wedding, honeymoon and other events were taken on the phone. I think it’s the fact that they’ve improved the technology so much that it’s possible to leave the big bulky camera at home and dance the night away.

    Also, you look beautiful in traditional clothes! I’m so used to seeing you in smart casual, it’s nice to see a different side of you.

  2. You looked awesome! The orange was a great choice! Totally have been there. Should I take it? Should I not? If I take it, should I take pictures? Or enjoy the moment? I don’t think I ever completely regret not taking my camera somewhere ’cause the best camera is the one you have with you.

    • Totally! Definitely agree with that sentiment.

      And thank you 🙂 Not usually a colour I go for, but glad I did!

  3. A lot of happy faces! 🙂

    “Sometimes, you have to leave that camera behind.” – Absolutely! I have a friend with a wife who is literally addicted to taking pictures. He once told me that he would have to sneak the camera out of her purse otherwise she would by snapping photos and miss time out with friends. It’s like cocaine for her! LOL.

    But he also said that once she realizes she doesn’t have her camera with her she just sits back and has a great time.

  4. Have this dilemma all the time!! Wish I could take the DSLR on nights out, but wouldn’t want it trashed. Always feel bad taking it to weddings trying to get the best shot etc because that’s what they pay a photographer for.

    Does make you appreciate a good camera when you have to wait for a phone to focus, put up with a shit flash and shocking ISO…

    • The ISO kills it for me. And then not getting the shot because your phone doesn’t focus properly. Ugh.

      Been toying with getting a micro four thirds camera, but they’re still a but pricey. And not just them, but the lenses too.

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