This weekend’s good egg

The Good Eggs

I forgot to post a good egg last weekend! I blame the come down after having come back from a brilliant holiday. And an epic TV backlog to catch up on.

Things are getting back to normal with a new recommendation for you this weekend.

Fogs’ Movie Reviews

Fogs' Movie Reviews

Fogs’ Movie Reviews is a movie review blog in a nutshell. Outside of the nutshell it’s a fun, community drive blog helmed by Fogs’. You’ve got your movie reviews, James Bond retrospectives, podcasts, guest blogs and a whole heap more.

I came across Fogs’ Movie Reviews when it was given a highly coveted spot on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed home page. Ever since then I’ve been going back over and over again. Fogs’ has done a great job of building a little community over there. Well, I say little, it’s got big really quickly and it’s still growing. No one’s views are belittled, there’s a healthy debate going on in almost all the comment threads in the posts. It’s just a lot of fun!

If you’re a film fan, you’re definitely going to be finding at least one thing that’ll grab your attention here.

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A mildly concerning good egg

The Good Eggs

The third week’s recommendation is yet another friend of mine who blogs. Well, it’d be rude for me to not pimp my friends, no?

Mild Concern

Mild Concern

Say hello to Mild Concern. A snotty, snooty, sarcastic and completely pretentious look at films, TV and all sorts of moving image related things.

Yes it’s another film blog, but unlike a lot of the big film sites and blogs out there, you’ll find completely unbiased reviews and ramblings on Mild Concern. Well, as long as Karen Gillan and Zooey Deschanel aren’t the subject.

It’s not just trailers and reviews though. Mild Concern took a look at film magazines for women, expressed their love for Footloose, foolishly defending Bill Nighy and was the one responsible for the Yoda vs. Yoda video clip.

If you like film, they’ll be at least one thing there for you.

The Good Eggs – Humaira

The Good Eggs

Your second weekly dose of good eggs from me and it’s another long time blogging friend of mine. I can’t help myself. Since I started blogging I’ve been reminiscing a lot about the ‘old days’ when I started blogging and the people I was sharing with.

Humaira’s Blog

Humaira's Blog

This week goes to another personal blogger and friend – Humaira. She’s been blogging for just over 2 years but I’ve known her for a good while longer. First met came across her when she emailed me to ask to be affiliates with my old site, Dusk ’til Dawn. She ran her own Buffy fansite back then too. Even though those days are gone, it’s great to see her still having a place on the Interwebs.

Her blog, like mine, is a personal blog. She posts about all sorts of things but what I really love are her beauty tips. Ok, I’ll admit, I’m not the kind of person who wears make-up on a regular basis. But she’s got some practical tips that even a dolt like me could follow.

She asks questions on her blog from readers that make me question myself and think about things a little bit more. She’s an intelligent and all her entries show that and more.

Humaira hit 100 blog posts this year and here’s hoping for a lot more than just another 100 more.

Previous Good Eggs

  1. Jina – Created by Caffeine

The good eggs you need to be following

The Good Eggs

Starting today and almost every Saturday I’m aiming to post a blog post about one blog/website I visit on an almost daily basis. Blogging’s all about sharing and networking. So I’m going to share my whys and whats of one of the good people on my list of links. It’s a growing list and rather than it be just that, a list of faceless link. I’m going to attempt to put some sort of face to the link.

Did that make sense? More than likely, not. Cookies to you if it did! Anyway, here’s my first share and today’s blog:

Created by Caffeine

Created by Caffeine

Created by Caffeine is the blog of a friend of mine – Jina. I’ve known Jina online for a very long time. Years I think. Can’t quite remember how many years though.