BIC Drag and Drift Night

Out in Bahrain: Drag and Drift Night

Going Out

It’s been a while since I’ve written about doing anything “out and about” in Bahrain. Summer hits and it’s too damn hot to even want to do anything. Thankfully, the weather is now beginning to break! Days are still hot, but more bearable. The evenings though – they’re becoming the perfect.

This past Monday evening, we capitalised on Anish’s day off and headed off for the evening to see some cars. Yes, cars. This is a shared passion. Well, not really a passion for me, but big interest. BIG. Thanks to my brother and dad most likely. Dad liked his cars, and racing in general. My brother’s always been into them too. And somewhere along the lines that permeated into me.

Bahrain GP

Out in Bahrain: Bahrain GP

Going Out

Before the heat really sets in, it feels like all of Bahrain is trying to get in as much outdoor activity as possible. A few weeks ago there was the Redbull X-Fighters Jams and just last weekend it was the pretty damn epic Formula 1.

I hold my hands up. I’m not what you’d call an F1 fan. I enjoy watching some motor sports. Especially anything to do with rally driving. I watch(ed) Top Gear. And not for the stars in the reasonably priced cars – that’s usually the bit I’m most likely to fast forward through. So even though I’m not an F1 follower it’d be stupid of me not to go to the Bahrain GP right here in Bahrain.

The first bank holiday weekend in Bahrain where much too much fun was had


As Mel said not too long ago, the only time someone asks how your weekend was is because they want to tell you how their weekend was. Yep, that’s what I’m doing here.

How did y’all spend your bank holiday weekend? It was my first weekend here in Bahrain and, well, I didn’t exactly sit still.