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Out in Bahrain: Bahrain GP

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Going Out

Before the heat really sets in, it feels like all of Bahrain is trying to get in as much outdoor activity as possible. A few weeks ago there was the Redbull X-Fighters Jams and just last weekend it was the pretty damn epic Formula 1.

I hold my hands up. I’m not what you’d call an F1 fan. I enjoy watching some motor sports. Especially anything to do with rally driving. I watch(ed) Top Gear. And not for the stars in the reasonably priced cars – that’s usually the bit I’m most likely to fast forward through. So even though I’m not an F1 follower it’d be stupid of me not to go to the Bahrain GP right here in Bahrain.

Bahrain GP

The pretty amazing to look at Sakhir Circuit, from the Batelco Grandstand. Smack bang in the middle of the circuit!

The Bahrain GP is one of the few Formula 1 races to be held at night, alongside Singapore and Abu Dhabi. It’s hot. And right now night-time is beautiful. I could go so far as to call it bliss.

Bahrain GP - Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton during the qualifying, I do believe. These cars are QUICK. Panning was not easy!

Back to the Bahrain GP – it was a lot of fun. Spread over three days at Sakhir Circuit in Riffa, there’s almost like a festival going on. You’ve got tonnes of live acts performing, a zip line to ride on (Though we never got the chance.) and even an ice kingdom of some sort for the kids. And some concerts after the races were over. The first night was some Iranian/local talent. Saturday night was the ever popular Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull. Who we did not stick around for. We had an important Arsenal match to go and watch. DALE!

Bahrain GP - GT3 Series

GT3 series racing was a whole lot more fun than I was expecting. And a whole lot louder.

Of course, we were there for the cars and races. As well as the Formula 1 there were a couple of other races going on too – the GP2 and GT3 series. The GT3 race was a whole lot more interesting than the Formula 1. Even though we missed most of the actual race – we caught the qualifying! They are just so much more aggressive! It’s just more interesting to watch.

Bahrain GP

Before the race, the F1 drivers all do a Q&A session from a lorry around the track. It amused me.

The Formula 1 races were good fun too – you do get a lot more out of it knowing who’s who though. And that’s actually easier than you’d think. You just need a bit of forward planning. As long as you know the teams and recognise which team is which from the cars, each driver has a little T-bar above their head – a black one and fluorescent green one. From that you know who’s who. Easy!

Bahrain GP

Managed to get up-close to the cars for a small amount of time, just as they were getting ready for the race.

I hate to say this, but it was a little disappointing there wasn’t that much drama in the race! Motor sports spectators expect some level of excitement. Lewis Hamilton looked like he had the whole thing in the bag straight out of gates. It was impressive to see just how good a driver he is. SO quick!

Sakhir Tower

The spectacularly lit up Sakhir Tower at the Bahrain GP. Laser beams!

As first time Grand Prix experiences go – this was a lot of fun. Sure, lugging the bag of camera lenses around wasn’t fun. But after the first night, I knew exactly which lenses I needed for the next couple of days. Things got a little sweaty and food is stupidly priced once you’re inside (And you can’t bring in any food or drink from “outside”) it’s still a great way to spend a few evenings in Bahrain.

Bahrain GP

Going to the Bahrain GP made me realise, there are so many events that happen at the Bahrain International Circuit, and we never take the advantage to go to them. Of course, a lot of them happen on Thursday and Friday nights, when A is working, but we should make an effort when we have some time.

All the photos from the Bahrain GP are right here


  1. I’ve met a few tourists from Bahrain in KLCC this month and was told that most of them would go travelling during summer as it’s really hot back in their country and that made me think of you πŸ™‚

    Anyway, you have great panning skills. I still haven’t mastered that.

    • A lot of people leave here over summer for cooler climates – I know people who leave in July and aren’t back until September! Don’t blame them. Wish I could do that πŸ˜‰

      Panning’s quite fun – you do need a bit of patience, but when it works out, it feels amazing! Definitely worth a try.

  2. Great panning shots! Glad you got to see the race and hope you can attend more events there. I agree that races in person aren’t as exciting as you think they are. I went to a horse race in Hong Kong and all the stuff leading up the race took longer than the actual race. I was like, It’s over already? LOL.

    • Yeah, only just over 10 years old. Still very shiny! Considering the dust, I’m quite surprised about that.

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