Project 365: April

Project 365: 2015 – April Recap

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Project 365

It feels like barely anything has really happened this month. Looking back at my photos though I can see there was the X-Fighters Jams, an epic grilled cheese and margarita night, saying goodbye to Justified, the Bahrain GP, finally visiting the National Museum, a visit from my brother and launching a new blog. So anything but dull.

And that’s exactly one of the reasons why I’m doing my second Project 365 in a row – I can look back at the photos and have a reminder of exactly what’s been going on.

Here are some of my favourite shots and memories of April:

Redbull X-Fighters Jams

Had a great time watching guys do some wicked stunts on bikes out in Amwaj.

A bit of chalk dust

Don’t know whether it’s a downside or upside to having a blackboard – either way it’s definitely very pretty.

It has arrived!

Insanely impressed by the speed in which my photo book for my 365 of last year was created and delivered to me from Europe – 6 days! Thank you Photobox!


A bookshelf is forming! Slowly. But it’s getting there. We barely have anything on our shelves – “stuff” on shelves makes a place feel more like home to me. No?

The Bahrain National Museum

It’s nearly been a year since I moved to Bahrain and had not yet been to the museum. Well, I’m happy to say it took me less than a year to finally hit it up.

Over the top

Looking over the rooftops from the balcony. Making the most of my 55-300mm lens. A lens I quickly forget about and rarely use.

Check out all the photos for April and the year so far right here.

We’re coming up to the halfway point in the year. I’m actually a little bit surprised I’m still going so strong with my 365 this year. Well, I shouldn’t speak too soon, there’s still a lot of the year left. How are your 365 projects going?


    • That was a gift from me to Anish. When we first started dating he used to extol the wisdom of thermodynamics to me all the time, so I got him the book for Christmas. More of a joke thing than anything. It’s physic-y science shit 🙂

  1. The chalk dust IS pretty! Nice shot of your city at night. Very soft lighting. Way to go on keeping up with 365!! It’s a big feat! I’m just trying to get a photo of the kids once a month.

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