Making good on a resolution

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At the end of last year, one of my blog resolutions for this fair blog was to bring more me to my posts. Five months into this year, I’m not entirely convinced I’ve been very successful about that thus far. While I’ve posted some more of my adventures here in Bahrain, I don’t think the posts have had much of a personal level. Perhaps I’m being over critical. Actually, I just want to do something about it.

While I want to bring more me into this blog and what I write here, I’m wary of not going over that line of over-sharing. Being open and honest, but knowing not all things need to be published and the world made aware of them. That’s fair, right?

So what have I come here to share?

Becoming an expat

Becoming an expat

It’s coming up to my one year anniversary of living in Bahrain. Bahrain simultaneously feels like home while still not quite being the right fit. I’m told that’s what all expats feel like here though. I hate this phrase, but I’m going to use it – the year has flown by. Sometimes it’s felt hard to be away from England be away from friends and family. There’s a sense of missing out on things, especially with being so connected via the Internet and knowing what’s going on. But it’s been fun starting something new here. There are so many nights when I’ve gone to bed telling A that I love our life here, because I really do.

Juggling the balls

Juggling the balls

Trying to learn to split my time better in my evenings. There’s a few things I want to accomplish – learn more for work, learn more and practice more photography, watch more films, write blog posts for various blogs – but some days I just get overwhelmed with my desire to do it all. And when I try to do it all, it’s all done so half-arsedly that it all feels a bit pointless. Now I’m not going to go so far as to say I’ll be planning out my after work evenings to the minute, but I want to get to the point where if I feel like doing x instead of y, I’m not going to make myself feel guilty for not doing y.

Get your head in a book


I’ve started a new morning routine which has kicked my reading up a notch. Up a notch from barely existing that is. Though now that I’ve typed this out, the “routine” isn’t really something to shout about. It’s called getting out of bed when you wake up or the alarm goes off. Before and just after getting back from America, I got into a very bad habit of rolling out of bed minutes before office hours kick off. Roll out of bed, into shower onto desk. I’d just stay in bed. It’s so easy when you work remotely and from home. Literally all I’ve been doing differently is making an effort to get out of bed when I wake up. Whether that’s when my alarm goes off or hours before; just get the fuck out of bed. The time before work is now one of my favourite times of the day. No screens, no phones – just me, my bowl of oats/cereal/pieces of toast and a book. Some days I have nearly an hour before having to get stuck into work. It’s like having a commute, only without all the people, rage and offensive smells. Love it. Some days I’ll even squeeze in a trip to the gym!

Now I’m not even sure whether any of this actually interests any readers. I’d like to write things that have some benefit/interest to any readers who do happen by as well as the regulars. Perhaps I’ll try to think of a better way to bring more me to this blog. This will do for now though.


  1. Definitely know what you mean about having many interests and trying to juggling them all in the evening! Can’t wait to read more personal stuff on your blog!

  2. Your morning routine sounds perf – super relaxing to set you up nicely for the day. Almost like meditation. I have to have my reading in the middle of the day to balance out the work stress.

    • It is like meditation – I know I feel all discombobulated if I don’t manage to have that little bit of time in the morning.

      Middle of the day reading sounds like a good way to break up the day. No wonder you get through so many books!

  3. I like the idea of reading for an hour first thing, you are right that it’s easier to concentrate without all the “noise” of commuting. In my 20s I did a lot more reading, I want to get back to that. I did just finish two non-ficrion books this week, so that’s a start 🙂

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