Favourite Moments of 2016


The idea for this post started out as a “favourite photos of the year.” A post where I share my favourite photos that I’ve taken in the last year. The ones that I think are “the best”. But that felt a little boring. And in an effort to be more of a person here, I thought sharing my favourite moments would give you a bit more insight into me. It gave me an excuse to go through all my photos and to be reminded of how amazing this year has been.

It has been an amazing year and I’m grateful for every single up and down this year has offered me.

On with the photos! FYI there are a lot of them, so it may take a few seconds to load.

Photo: A visit from the ‘rentals


Back in November last year, mum and dad came to visit Bahrain. Their first time here. While trying to figure out where to take them in their short, short stay, one place I figured they would like was the Bahrain Fort. It’s one of the main tourist attractions in Bahrain. There aren’t too many.

We took them out to the fort after a taste of Bahraini breakfast at Saffron in Manama Souq. While I think mum appreciated some of the history while wandering around the pretty epic fort, dad was a little less entertained. (Note he isn’t in this shot.) Ah well, can’t say I didn’t try. Should have known better though. Was just excited to have them in Bahrain.

Ticking over just fine


Things have been a little quiet over here since the start of the year, haven’t they? My bad. January’s usually that month that feels like it’s going on and on. Yet this year, I’m finding it hard to believe that one month of 2013 is already almost over. Wasn’t Christmas just last week?

So what have I been up to? Honestly, not much past the normal! But the normal’s always more interesting when littered with photos. Am I right?

Happy to be home? Partially


And I’m back. Back in England. Back to the every day. And back to work tomorrow. Boo!

I had a nice relaxing few days with my folks. shied away from watching film after film and instead made the most of the fresh air I could get. Yesterday was a nice last day. Watching some of the Rally de Portugal (photos coming soon!), lunch at my favourite peri-peri chicken restaurant followed by a nice walk along the cliffs.

Yes, I still like going shopping with my mum


Last Friday I took a lovely, leisurely day off work and took my credit card and my mum out shopping. Yes. My mum. I’m 27 years old (jeez!) and I really do like going shopping with my mum, and felt this time I needed to go shopping with her as well.

Why? I’m stuck in various ruts at the moment. Clothing being one of them. I tend to go shopping on my own. As such, I come back with bags full of stuff. But said stuff usually all looks the same. Stuff that I feel safe buying and wearing. I don’t have anyone to ask about any of the clothes I just think about trying on, let alone buying.

My mum’s a little bit brilliant that way. She’ll grab some things which I wouldn’t have even looked at and get me to try it on. And also will tell me straight if anything looks hideous when I do try things on.

It’s highly likely I just need someone else to go shopping with. But I trust my mum. Also, it’s highly probable that if anyone but my mum told me to try on something which I thought wasn’t my thing I’d give them a blank faced NO.

So, thanks mum! I’ve got some nice, new, different clothes. I’ve done a wardrobe purge and got rid of random items I just never wear. I should be set for the year now! Maybe. Hopefully.

(Side note: Finally found a pair of slim fitting/skinny jeans which actually fit and don’t make me feel like a blob! That was the biggest win of the day. H&M was where it was at. In fact, all my new jeans were from there. They do lengths! Different lengths!)