Project 365: 2014 – February

Project 365: February 2014

Check me out – second month of Project 365 down and still going strong. Sort of. Again, I missed/forgot a couple of days here and there. But, it’s not a biggie.

Despite February being a short month, especially compared to the mammoth January, it felt like it went by far too slowly. I know why. It’s because I had something amazing to look forward to in March – holiday! (Which is why this month recap for February’s 365 photos are a little late.)

Only three photos taken on my camera. Everything else, phone photo. Thing is, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the camera on my phone. It’s fine, 60% of the time. But if you ever dare try to take a photo where the conditions aren’t perfect, well, you’re going to get such an awful photo. Ho well. Least this is something I know and try to avoid. Continue Reading

Project 365: 2014 – January

Project 365: January 2014

One month into my project: 365 for 2014 and it’s been … okay. In the sense that I haven’t struggled. Happily taking photos on my phone instead feeling the need to have to take them with my camera. Oh and I forgot a day and didn’t freak out. Win, right?

January’s been a busy month. Getting back from Bahrain, the parents are over, busy preparing things for a holiday in March. Lots to do. Though that doesn’t mean there are no mundane shots. Fear not, I’ve remembered to do plenty of those! Continue Reading

It was all very civilised

This past weekend was my first ever hen-do. Not even joking. The whole weekend spent in a gorgeous house in the Cotswolds with a lovely bunch of girls.

While I can’t share what happened, what happens at the hen stays at the hen, I can share a few of the photos I took of the amazing place we stayed. A very gorgeous house (That a family actually live in!) in the Cotswolds, near Gloucester.

Like I said above, a family lived in this house. Mum, dad and two kids. A house that, comfortably, housed 20 women. My mind was blown by that fact. My 10-year-old self would have LOVED to have been living in that house. Beautiful.