Project 365: 2015 – May Recap

Project 365: 2015 - May Recap

It’s nearly 10pm on a Monday evening and I’ve just finished editing a few photos from the weekend, when I remembered I’ve got a blog post sitting in my draft box. Yeah, should finish that and publish it. Then it dawns on me that we’re in June and I haven’t posted my Project: 365 recap for May. Mostly because I had forgotten we started June today.

May was a struggle. After the first couple of weeks of the month, I hit my 365 brick wall and was struggling to find any inspiration in the day-to-day. It’s tough when you don’t really do anything amazing every single day of your life. Though, I know for sure, I’d get completely exhausted by that in no time.

Not giving up! Going to keep on going. Smash through the brick wall and pull myself out of the rut and whatever other analogy works here. Continue reading →

Project 365 2013/14: Day Fifty

Day 50

Successfully made it to Day 50 of the 365. WOO! Sadly, not much of a celebratory photo. Just me relaxing at home after seeing my brother with a cup of coffee and The Wire on TV. Season 4 episode 10 if anyone’s interested. Apologies if you’re not.

Project 365 2013/14: Day Fourteen

Project 365 2013/14: Day Fourteen

So this is me…

I’ve never done self portraits. The same reason as anyone else who doesn’t do self portraits. But I figured that might be a good reasons to do them. So here I am. A little bit chilly, thanks to the British summer. Maybe a little bit moody. Smiling just seemed like an odd choice, right?

Photo of the Day: Sunday 3rd January

Home Again

Home and unpacked after spending my Christmas and New Years in Portugal, with my parents. An assortment of unpacked things just strewn across the bed. Cleared up as soon as I realised I’d want to get into bed.