It’s a random mid-week update


A big part of me wishes I could stick to some sort blogging schedule. Mid-week updates. Friday updates. Beginning of the week updates. Anything. But, they’d be a bit pointless. My every day life isn’t interesting enough to be blogging about.

This random mid-week update is brought to you with something that is definitely more interesting that the everyday routine. I’m off to Portugal tonight! I’ve got 10 hours of flying to get me to Lisbon with another couple of hours in the car to get me home. Well, mum and dad’s home.

This trip to Portugal’s a bit impromptu. See, I’ve been invited to speak at an Mediapost’s Email Insider Summit in Portugal. I remember seeing emails about this conference, thinking how great it’d be to be able to go seeing as it’s only half an hour away from mum and dad. And now I’m going!

January Recap

The January Recap


Like my 365 project rundown for January showed, it’s been a quiet month. And I have really, really enjoyed it.

The great thing about having a nice, quiet and somewhat frugal month is getting to stay in and just consume film after film after film. Oh and a smattering of TV too.

January was a great month for films. Saw 11 films in January alone! Doing a lot of work to catch up on all the films I’ve missed from last year. And perhaps the year before that too. Check them out:

The catch-up post



Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? Looks like summer time has finally hit us here in the UK. Timing has been perfect. Considering I’ve just come back from a long spell in Portugal where I’ve gotten used to 35 degree heat and a swimming pool where the water temperature is 30 degrees.

What have I been up to recently? To be honest, not a whole lot. What am I currently doing? Well…

Hitting the wall with designer’s block


After a couple of weeks happily being able to open up Photoshop and get stuck in, letting my creative juices loose, I finally hit that block. Designer’s Block. And I hit it hard.

Today, I’ve just struggled. Yesterday, I thought I was going to struggle to think of a logo for my upcoming freelance design company, but it just came to me and I was happy with what I managed to produced. Today my plan was to come up with the website for my new company and it just wasn’t coming to me.

Trying to work through the Block

I’d jotted down a loose brief for myself. What sections I need, what the purpose of the website is. Just by writing a few things down (with traditional pen and paper) usually helps me get into the mindset of what I need to do. I drew a rough sketch of what I wanted the homepage to look like. Time for a bit of dabbling in Photoshop.

Getting some inspiration

Again, I struggled. So I went back to the trusty Internet. Headed over to Media Queries and Dribble for a little bit of inspiration.

Finally, something helped! I re-drew my rough sketch and feel like I’m finally onto something.

(Just waiting for the inevitable to happen tomorrow – open up my rough sketch and decide I hate it all over again.)