Taking a big next step

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So the other day I took one big step to making a fairly big change in my life. Well, a baby step towards the big change.

I handed in my notice at work. I’ve had a good time at my job. I’ve got no resentments towards it. Fair enough, I’ve only been there a year. But I’ve learnt a lot in that year and really do appreciate the time I had there.

Where to now? Well that’s the big question. I’m going to be turning to contracting and freelancing as well as trying to pursue my own little thing I’m attempting to set up. Yes I’m being evasive about it. Why? I’m reserving my once a year right to be a little superstitious.

I’m feeling a lot of different things at the moment. Excited. Scared. Apprehensive. Thirsty. But overall, I’m looking forward to what’s next. Hope I can handle whatever gets thrown at me. You’ll likely be hearing about some of it here!


  1. How exciting! Congrats on your new adventure. Follow your heart, it’ll lead you to the right place.

  2. Well then! Fortune favors the bold Jaina. I’m sure you’ll kick ass, cause you’re awesome.

    So even though youre being a mystery wrappend in an enigma here, I’m betting it works out well. 😀

    • Is my brain just being wrong, but please tell me that’s a Simpsons quote. If it’s not, HELP!

      Fortune does favour the bold. I hope it favours me!

      • Fortune favors the bold? Its from Latin. “Fortes fortuna adiuvat”

        A mystery wrapped in an enigma was a Winston Churchill quote originally. It’s been used by many pop culture works since then though, including… the Simpsons.

        Though that’s not where I’m drawing it from, it’s just a common enough phrase.

  3. Way to go, Jaina. One of my favorite quotes is from Bukowski: “that’s what kills a man, lack of change.” That quote inspired me to quit my job in college, and it changed my life dramatically for the better. I met a great girl (who I quickly started dating, going on five years together now!) shortly afterward, started a prolific freelance career, and a fun blogging hobby. It’s good to switch things up every now and then. Best of luck on your new path — I’m sure it will be a fun and successful one!

    • Hope my choice turns out to be as successful as yours has proven.

      Change is good. It’s healthy. I think I’m one of those people that needs it every now and then. It’s taken me a while to realise this, but better late than never, right?

      Cheers Eric!

  4. So proud of you Jaina! It sounds like a step in the right direction and I KNOW you will make a success of whatever you end up doing.

  5. I’ll second Jen, follow your heart and it’ll lead you to the right place. Big changes are scary, but also hugely rewarding when everything comes together. You have all my encouragement and best wishes. Go for it!!

    • It’s the things that put the fear in us that are often the most rewarding. So I’ve been told. Looking forward that next big challenge!

      Thanks Mui!

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