A very fond farewell

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Friday was my last day at my, then, current job. I’d been working as a web producer at Net A Porter for just about a year. Not long at all. Though, in that one year I learnt a heck of a lot. Had a lot of ups, as well as a handful of downs. But above all, really appreciate the experience I gained when working there. Oh and the people I worked with!

I got a very awesome leaving present – cinema gift voucher! They clearly know me very well. That is going to come in very handy for the impending summer blockbuster season.

Farewell card

Inside Card

I only got around to opening up the card and reading what everyone had to say once I got home on Friday night. Honestly brought a lump to my throat. Which, I’ll say now, I wasn’t expecting. After all, it had only been a year. Clearly, a year that’s meant more to me than I was expecting.

Looking forward to the next adventure. Whatever that might be.


  1. Here’s luck to your new endeavors. A parting gift is a symbol to someone who well deserves it! How goes ‘A Dance with Dragons?’

    • My kindle is telling me I’m 80% through it! I can’t keep up with all of what’s going on in it!

  2. Good luck Jaina, looking forward to hearing more about this mysterious new adventure! And all the movies you get to see with your voucher!

  3. Bless you.

    I hope you have fun using your voucher and that you achieve your goals in your upcoming adventure (whatever they may be)


  4. Wow, what a great gift! So what movie do you plan on seeing first with this voucher? 🙂

    • No idea. Unless the cinema lets me bring my dog, it’s going to be nothing for a while. Reckon The Raid might be the first one with the voucher. That’s out this week over here. So, when the dogsitting is over! Or maybe Snow White and the Huntsman. That’s out in a few weeks too 😀

  5. Good luck on your new job Jaina. It’s always bittersweet to leave a place you’ve been for some time, if only for the people you worked with.

  6. Sometimes people in life care about us more than we even realize!!! So when they tell you it’s a nice surprise. Good luck with your next job ( :

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