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2012 Photography Project

The weather has finally taken a turn for the good. Though, I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but going to make the most of it. It has definitely spurred me on with this month’s challenge I’ve set myself.

So here’s the last week’s shots. Still going strong!


In the thick of it

Along the line

Caught up


I need to get thinking as to what I’m going to do next month now. This month will be over sooner than I know it.


    • I almost live for shallow depth of field. I know I use it too much but I can’t help myself!

    • Thanks again Scott πŸ˜€ Going to go have a wander and check out your wife’s flickr!

  1. Great depth of field, focus, and color saturation! You have a goal to take a photo a day?? I did too. That halted Feb ;). Oh well. I still take more pix than if I hadn’t made that goal.

    • Thanks Lisa!

      I successfully managed to do a photo a day for an entire year back in 2010. It was tough, but managed it! Tried again in 2011 and failed in mid-Feb.

      Taking photos of the day to day without an overall goal is sometimes so much easier.

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