Just politically perplexed now!

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A huge thanks to Holly for helping me educate myself in the run up to the General Election. She pointed out a useful survey style website which helps you choose which party to vote for based on their policies:

Vote for Policies

I went through and did the survey but I was a little taken aback and surprised by the results I got! There wasn’t an ounce of Labour in my poll results. None of the policies I agreed with were Labour ones. That was one interesting fact. The other was I was almost eveningly split between the Green Party and Conservative!

The Green Party bit surprised me because I like my car. I drive a diesel car and I like driving it whereever I can. I’m never going to give it up. I am against the congestion charging zone. Though I so like some of their green policies, which is where I’m guessing some of my results came from.

I did not see myself as a Conservative at all. Not even remotely! Though I agree with some of their policies for education and Europe – on paper at least.

However, confusion set in again, after watching the debate from last week. Gordon Brown did better than I thought he would have done. Nick Clegg looked a bit nervous but he’d obviously been briefed well on how to conduct himself in the situation. But in the end it still just felt like Gordon Brown vs. David Cameron.

Though I’m a bit less confused than I was last week and since I posted that last entry I feel as though I’ve learnt something about this year’s elections and policies. Getting there slowly!

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