I have new hair!

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A couple of extremely un-flattering phone photos of the before and after shots of my trip to my local hair salon.

Before After

I’ve been growing my hair for a few years now. It’s been at the middle of my back for a couple of years now and I just got bored. I was tempted to get it cut shorter than this, but my hair’s so thick the shorter it is, the bigger it looks!

Happier with my hair now. Still tempted to get it cut shorter still. Maybe. If I’m truly bored with it in a few months. Though, come to think of it. With winter coming up, shorter hair doesn’t do much to keep my neck warm.


  1. We clearly have very different definitions of unflattering. You look stunning, Jaina! And I’m so envious of your hair. Mine has zero volume, especially when long which is why I, too, am making my way to the salon this week.

    Your hair looks beautiful! 🙂

    • My mum keeps telling me I should be grateful for the volume – some days I am, but others not. My hair doesn’t fit in my new passport photo for my drivers license!

      You going for a big change or just something small?

      And thank you… I hate pictures of myself, but then doesn’t everyone?

  2. Yeah, I reckon you’re right re self portraits/shots, but you have nothing to worry about, trust me 🙂

    And I’m siding with your mum on this one, even if your hair doesn’t fit in passport photos! Perhaps it’s a grass is greener thing? I’m going for what I had last year before I let it grow out too long. Mid length with soft layering. My last haircut left me so happy. I just dried it, sprayed some dry wax on the ends for the slightly ‘messy’ effect and off I went. The ultimate lazy girl’s hair.

    Oh, and I’m dying it a vibrant red hopefully the week after. That should be… interesting 😉

    • I need lazy girl’s hair too! The stylist straightened my hair beautifully, but honestly, don’t have the time to be doing all of that. Totally with you on that!

      Vibrant red sounds brilliant! I’ve never been brave enough to colour my hair!

  3. It’s taken me nearly a year to grow my hair back to its original length after the hairdresser cut it too short, which is why I’ve stopped going! I cut it myself now using a crea clip.

    Your hair is so lovely with all that volume! And LOL at it not fitting into your passport sized photo!

    • Ouch, really? It’s brilliant you cut your own hair. The most I’ve ever done is my fringe, and that was a bit of a bodge job!

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