2011 TV round-up

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I did my little film round-up. It was very little. Felt like there needs to be a TV round-up of sorts. I’ve felt that this year has been a big year for me for TV. Mostly because I’ve been a lot more brutal with my TV schedule and what I stick with.

The Drop-Kicked

Let’s start with the bad. This year I probably dropped a lot more shows than I’ve done in the past. I gave these shows the boot: Boardwalk Empire, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I was trying to keep going with Boardwalk Empire but I realised that I was spending more time on my laptop or phone while ‘watching’ the show. The excellent Mr. Harrow centric episode was almost enough to keep me watching, but nope. Burn Notice… I just had no clue what the hell was going on anymore. Does anyone who writes for the show know anymore? Covert Affairs was ok. I’d probably still be watching now if I didn’t have so much other TV to watch. Maybe I’ll catch it when season 2 starts airing in the UK. Curb Your Enthusiasm was easy for me to drop – I just didn’t like Larry David! Just found him more infuriating than amusing. Or rather the situations he got himself into.

The new and drop-kicked

Of all the new shows I dropped a heck of a lot after watching just one episode; Alphas, Camelot, Grimm, Suburgatory, Terra Nova, Hell on Wheels, Person of Interest, Ringer, The Secret Circle. With some I watched a couple, but not much more. Out of that lot I think Ringer, Terra Nova and Grimm all tie with just being utterly awful.

Oldies but Goodies

2011 was a good year for me to start watching shows I never watched when they first came around. I started watching The Sopranos, Arrested Development, The Wire, Carnivale and Big Love. Carnivale is now in my heart as one of my favourite TV shows. I’m onto the final season of Big Love and looking forward to an ending for it. Season 4 killed it a little for me.

The Sopranos and The Wire are just epic. I think The Sopranos has the best dream sequences! They’re brilliant! And I am grateful I am now fully educated in the ways of Arrested Development. I can join the legions of fans demanding a film.

Newly Watching

So those are the dropped, new and dropped and old. What about the newly watching? American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, The Borgias, Enlightened, Falling Skies, Homeland, The Killing, New Girl, Once Upon a Time, Pan Am, Revenge and Suits. Big long list.

I’m not holding out much hope on season 2 of Falling Skies. I can imagine myself dropping that if I’m not happy.

The best ones out of that list have to be American Horror Story, The Borgias, Homeland, Revenge and Suits. Homeland right at the top. Claire Danes back on TV! She does crazy better than anyone on TV. Revenge is my awesomely delicious guilty pleasure, but you already know that. Suits is a bit of freshness from the USA Network, which is feeling a little stale. American Horror Story started out wobbly for me in the beginning, but after the epic Halloween episodes, it turned me into a fan.

Oh and Game of Thrones – what can I say about it? I’ll limit what I say to I LOVE IT. My love for it has grown exponentially with every GoT book I read. Season 2 can’t come soon enough. I’ve worn out the trailer.

Still Loving

Out of all the returning shows this year that I watch, Breaking Bad is the top of my awesome list. This year was … epic is the only word to describe it. It was also the first year I really noticed Marie’s obsession with the colour purple.

I really love my Dexter and for the most part I enjoyed the season. Was a little let down with the finale, but glad they finally came out and let Deb see what she’s not been seeing all these years! Erm, the fact that her brother’s a murderer not the incest stuff. Because that needs to be gone from the next season.

How I Met Your Mother is really grating on me. I rarely find it funny. Mostly find it annoying. I’m part tempted to ditch it, but I’ve invested so much time in it! I deserve some sort of pay off already!

Strangely, I’m kind of enjoying Chuck’s final season. I’m a bit eh with all the stunt casting, wish they wouldn’t do it. Annoyed they never addressed the fact that Morgan’s brain wasn’t actually ‘good enough’ for the intersect. But plot holes aside, it’s getting somewhere. I won’t be sad to see it go, but least it’s getting better before it disappears.

Somehow I’m still watching The Walking Dead. I think I’ve said I’d drop it after more or less every episode. It’s slow to the point of painful. Same with most of the characters. I’m taking it one episode at a time.

The one show I think I consistently get excited about every week is Community. I don’t ever find it not funny. Sure this season’s lagged a little bit, but there’ some gold in every episode that I can’t ignore. Now comes the wait for its return. Its hopeful return.

What’s up 2012?

Think what I’m most looking forward to in 2012 is Justified getting back on my screens. I’ve missed it so much! Oh and Game of Thrones. And The Borgias. Yep, those are my top 3 I can’t wait for in 2012. Big time!

There’s a lot of new TV I’m going to give a go. The likes of Alcatraz, Smash, The Firm, House of Lies, Luck (pilot was a bit eh, but want to see more), Touch, The River, GCB, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and Awake. Ok, listing it out, that’s more than I thought there was going to be. Me thinks I will need to be brutal once more!

Bring on 2012!


  1. The same thing happened to me with Boardwalk Empire. Realised I was only half watching every episode so dropped. Got the Carnivale DVD’s for Christmas. Can’t wait to see it. Not sure what to make of Luck either. I’ll give it another few episodes to see. No mention for ANTM? 🙂

    • Carnivale is great! It’s a bit of a slow burner and don’t expect to like Ben in the beginning, but it’s GOOD!

      Ahh! Forgot about ANTM! I’m still annoyed with the whole Angelea incident. I just don’t get her!

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