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100 movies of 2012

The MuppetsThe Muppets (15/02/11)

With the help of three fans, The Muppets must reunite to save their old theater from a greedy oil tycoon.

FINALLY! It has taken MONTHS for this film to finally make its way across the Atlantic to the UK. Clearly, it wasn’t travelling by map. While I would say it was worth the wait, as it definitely was. I just wish I didn’t have to have waited so long!

The Muppets is a big, huge, love letter to The Muppets themselves. And I loved it for that. The secondary plot line about Gary and Mary was a bit weak. It was fine, just didn’t think it was altogether necessary. Well, until it served its purpose.

The songs were all amazing. I’m still humming them now. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Bret McKenzie gets the Oscar for his effort. Man or Muppet felt very much like a Conchords song. For which, I loved it for.

Chris Cooper was excellent as the villain of the piece. Over the top. Maniacal laughter. His song/rap freaked me out a little bit. I wasn’t expecting that from him!

Walter was a great addition to The Muppets. I think I need to use the words ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’ about him.

When the cameos started appearing, they were coming thick and fast. I couldn’t help but grin and laugh at every one of them. Though it was great to see Ken Jeong closely followed by Donald Glover – Community FTW! The other favourite cameo of mine has to be David Grohl’s Animool – ha!

Ahem, back to The Muppets. It was a simple story. Or story within a story. But it’s one that’s been written and produced with so much heart, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. I’m really hoping that The Muppets aren’t gone from our screens. That they’ll be more.

Oh and one more thing I loved – most going to see this was that the cinema was almost exclusively filled with adults. As in people 25+. There were a couple of small children. No teenagers. And everyone was laughing out loud throughout the entire film. Though, it makes me a little sad that there will be a generation who just won’t get The Muppets. Even with this film’s release.
Rating: 5/5

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  1. Hahaha, the travel by map line in your review made me smile. They should have used it. I saw it on Wednesday and wasn’t as impressed with it. Didn’t like the Segel bits which seemed to have too much focus. It was only when the show itself started that I felt some of the old magic came back. I’ll write my review of it soon.

    • Really? Not at all? I was pleasantly surprised that the humans didn’t get the majority of the screen time and it truly was about the Muppets.

      I have a soft spot for Segel. I love his comedy and brand of humor.

      • Well, I’ve given it a 6/10. I normally don’t mind Segel and thought he was great in Forgetting Sara Marshall. I recently saw the three original Muppet movies, so I started comparing. Oh yeah and another small annoyance was the product placement by Disney (for Cars 2)…

        • Yeah, I wasn’t a big fan of that bit of placement. At least choose a better film!

          I think the originals will be hard to beat. But felt this was a great way to get the Muppets back to our screens.

  2. Ahaha nice allusion to the travel by map, that gave me a chuckle 😉 Glad you finally got to see what the fuss is all about and even happier that you loved it enough to give it a perfect score! The lack of cynicism was refreshing and this was grand old joyous time at the movies 😀


    So happy you finally got to see it, and then I’m really happy you weren’t disappointed by it at all. All these dumb bloggers over hyping it and whatnot… they can really ruin a movie for people sometimes!

    I’m hoping for a sequel too. Cmon, right? With all the crappy movies that get sequels, we’ve gotta be able to get a sequel to this really GOOD one!!

    • Ha! I’m hoping for a sequel too. But, again, I don’t mind if they take their time to get it right. Writing some good songs and a good script. They did it well here!

  4. Loved this film too – glad you finally got to see it, Jaina! The cameos, Chris Cooper (his rap totally freaked me out too!), Walter, Jason Segel . . . ahh, I could go on forever about all the things I loved about this movie.

    Same deal when I went to see–all adults. Too bad kids won’t have the same appreciation for The Muppets that we do 🙁

    • I wonder if any kids these days would be able to get into the Muppets at all. They’ve got a brand of humour, which I think, crosses every generation. When I have kids, The Muppets will be on their required watch-list.

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