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Right, so I thought before I was excited about The Avengers. The excitement I felt when I saw that trailer is nothing compared to the giddiness I’m feeling now upon seeing the brand new trailer!

War really has started. I’m still wondering as to how Thor’s got back to Earth and how they really are going to play together. Regardless, I simply, can not wait. This is almost up there with The Dark Knight Rises. Almost.

Roll on April 27th!


  1. Love this new trailer Avengers Assemble !!!!! Can’t wait to check this out on the big screen.

    thanks for posting this

    I also enjoyed your post over at Fogs

    • I am going to feel severely let down if this film doesn’t fulfil all of what it promises in these trailers. Severely!

      Thanks! 😀 Really humbled by the nice comments people have left me about the post at Fogs’!

  2. Yea I wasn’t really anticipating The Avengers before this but I’m now officially on board! Spectacular action-set pieces overload! Hopefully, it won’t disappoint. The trailer doesn’t seem to show the focus on Captain America at all.

    • It’s amazing how a few well put together trailers can even get the most cynical of us onboard. And relatively easily!

  3. Definitely got goosebumps from watching that! I am now bubbling over with anticipation. It’s good to finally see some more of Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk in the trailer. Very, very excited!

    • It is, but I’m still not sold on him as the Hulk. I loved Eric Bana as Bruce Banner, it’ll take something big for me to think of Ruffalo as THE Hulk.

  4. This is easily my 2nd most anticipated film of the summer, behind Dark Knight (of course). My only concern is that there’s too many characters and not enough screen time. I don’t want to see someone like Hawkeye treated like a minor supporting characters, only to have Thor, Iron Man and Captain America dominate the screen.

    I have faith in Joss Whedon and trust that he’s going to do the right thing by us fanboys and fangirls!

    • That’s my biggest fear too. They’re all massive characters in their own right, so having all 7 of them in one film? That’s a big ask. Hawkeye doesn’t seem to have much to do, judging from the trailer, though there’s a little tidbit I saw/read about with him that sounds potentially exciting!

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